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  • 6w ago dudgie_ dudgie_

    Oh no hun, talk to him and make him choose. You deserve better.

  • 6w ago melisjefferson melisjefferson

    as hard is it may be, i think that you need to sit down with him and ask what’s going on. if you’re feeling uncomfortable in any way you should probably distance yourself from him/break up with him.

  • 6w ago your_friend_blu your_friend_blu

    Leave him

  • 6w ago benysharpe benysharpe

    It's honestly as simple as this he either wants to be with you or his ex you cannot do both properly, and you deserve better than that.

  • 6w ago jocie.spams jocie.spams

    You can’t be in a relationship if you don’t trust the guy. If you think that he’s talking to that girl talk to him but don’t accuse him of anything either. Let him know that it makes you uncomfortable knowing that he might still be interested in other girls and that if he is, you don’t want to be in a relationship with him.

  • 6w ago word.vibe word.vibe

    Okay I will be blunt here because you need to hear the truth you already know. As you are aware he is poly, he won't find it easy to change because you want him to. If he keeps going back to an ex, that is a red signal. If he is keeping stuff from you, he is preparing for a flight takeoff. Understand what you want and what you deserve. I am honestly feeling sorry for your situation but bad as my words might seem and harsh, the fact is you know the truth. Loving someone is not a guarantee that they will change. They need to have that realisation themselves. Rather than wasting time and love on a person who cannot give you peace of mind, close the old book and focus on your own life. We lose our identity trying to hold on to what we love desperately hoping they love us back and then we crash and burn. ❤️🤗

  • 6w ago word.vibe word.vibe

    Oh and one more thing, if you are a choice, then please think again about being a choice in future too.

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