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life ain’t always beautiful, but I’ve finally found a way to handle all the ups + downs. A way to clear my head + find my ground. I’m more in tune with myself now then I’ve ever experienced before. My heart + soul is wide open. To all the good + bad, all the changes + discomforts, all the opportunity + desire. 💛 .

Yes, I cry. Yes, I have days I don’t want to get out of bed. Yes, I can make rash decisions. Yes, Nate and I have our things we work at everyday. And yes, my life is far from perfect.
We are all human. We all have hurt. We all continue to go thru shiit.
What matters is HOW you are going to DEAL with it. HOW you are going to react to unexpected times in life. . in order to find balance in every area of your life; you must evaluate, create the change, and speak your mind. continue to be better. stand your ground. don’t settle. work on you, help others do the same. work for things that matter and let go of things that don’t. it’s hard, but it’s even harder living in a life you don’t deserve.
Believe you can, do the damn thing, and then keep doing it and don’t look back #riseup #learntofly
#TeamBeYourReason .
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