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HSR has begun testing an electric bus, operating on various routes across the city. This model is one of three that HSR will be testing over the next few months.

HSR’s current CNG fleet is one of the cleanest in Canada, and testing is crucial as we prepare for future procurement and what the integration of electric technology into our current fleet looks like. Investigating and testing this new technology is an opportunity for the City of Hamilton to see possible greater potential benefits that may include: reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; improved customer and bus operator experience by reducing ambient noise, exhaust odours, vibration as well as creating smooth acceleration; operating savings as a result of less maintenance due to the lack of engine, transmission, intake exhaust or cooling system.

The possible addition of Electric buses is supportive of the development of renewable resources which support the City of Hamilton’s priorities.

The electric bus will not be in service, instead, shadowing existing buses on a proposed itinerary that provides for different route geography, including three different escarpment crossings, long and short-range route options, different spans of operation to test battery drain, as well as reaching as many different areas of the city that residents may benefit from a less intrusive vehicle.


  • 19w ago cityofhamilton cityofhamilton

    #HamOnt #Hamilton #HSR #electricbus

  • 19w ago saddopinions saddopinions

    ooooh looking fancy 🤠

  • 19w ago ispeakailish ispeakailish

    this is so exciting

  • 19w ago tj.andersson tj.andersson

    This is amazing

  • 19w ago deborah_birkett deborah_birkett


  • 19w ago theritsman theritsman

    @cityofhamilton when are we going to get some of these added to the fleet? Any potential timelines?

  • 19w ago tonyfallucco tonyfallucco

    EXACTLY, stop the LRT, it will be the biggest white elephant ever

  • 19w ago bella1973jj bella1973jj

    Haven't seen any yet

  • 19w ago tagikohler tagikohler

    @nickyfilippsen 😍👏🏼👏🏼

  • 19w ago theritsman theritsman

    @cityofhamilton when are we going to get some of these added to the fleet? Any potential timelines?

  • 19w ago justicejskerritt justicejskerritt

    This is awesome

  • 19w ago arhemmati arhemmati

    Glad to hear that, have not seen any though

  • 19w ago meganbieksa meganbieksa

    This is awesome! 💗

  • 19w ago teresamarielickman teresamarielickman

    Very curious how feasible these buses are at a $1,000,000 a bus

  • 19w ago hamilton_luv hamilton_luv

    It won’t really make a more comfortable ride if the drivers keep driving as if they’re race car drivers!!!

  • 19w ago nemansyed nemansyed

    Will there be external noise generators to warn pedestrians who are expecting bus noise? Vancouver experienced this problem when introducing electric buses routed through largely pedestrian areas. People wouldn't know a bus was approaching because they were silent. That didn't always end well. :-(

  • 19w ago hep51 hep51

    Better than LRT‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • 19w ago marinayhm marinayhm

    What a wonderful step into a better future. 👏❤️🌹🙌

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    Love this! 👌💛

  • 19w ago vegas494 vegas494

    Wish they would stop the LRT give us better bus 🚌 service that what we want

  • 19w ago joey_ransom16 joey_ransom16

    Meanwhile youre building a LRT! Why spend money on busses and put them into the roads then!

  • 19w ago

    Surprised Tesla isn't making busses yet!

  • 19w ago melo63s melo63s

    we already have buses, a bs billion dollar transit system for many dependants, and now you guys getting electric commercial teslas with lower annual ridership, wow, must be nice to have money like Hamilton, how about the decaying infrastructure your municipality over charges for?

  • 18w ago walterlrn walterlrn

    👏💚😍 Awesome decision. As far as concerns over pedestrians not hearing these electric vehicles - the drivers and pedestrians are both responsible to look out for each other. I drive an electric car and have not hit anyone nor had an issue with people not noticing my car because of engine noise missing.

  • 18w ago helpyourcity helpyourcity

    Awesome !! Great for the environment
    Come check us out. Help us help others @helpyourcity

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