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Omg i miss my man so much and the bond we had last year i think its cause we had a class together but we were so close like we really looked and acted like a couple but we never talked like i never texted him before and eveb over the summer we didnt text and earlier this schoolyear he came up to me and told me how much he misses me allat and how he hasnt spoken to me and allat and i just feel like he needs to stop playing games and just come on and ask me to be his girlfriend like its obvious we both have feelings for eachother plus he always looking at me and when we get around eachother its like its just us 2 and nobody else and we really just be looking at eachother hard lol😭😭 but i just wish we had the same bond we had last year where we could be all up on eachother and it didnt matter. Like we only spoke a few times this schoolyear and i b so nervous and awkward but deep down inside i really be wanting to scream "LET ME SUCK YOUR DICK!!" Sncjkslsl 💔 idk what to do tho

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