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Fun press day, may have said a little too much 🙈 @prettylittleliars #plltheperfectionists


  • 6w ago feistygirl24 feistygirl24

    @hayleyerin13 we miss you on general Hospital. Good luck on you new endeavors

  • 6w ago sheknowssoaps sheknowssoaps

    So happy for you!! ❤️

  • 6w ago daniellemorales812 daniellemorales812

    Miss you on GH. Kiki was perfect with Griffin 😢

  • 6w ago kathypeart kathypeart

    Congratulations on your new gig! You did an excellent job with Kiki’s character on GH

  • 6w ago kellyapordan kellyapordan

    Congratulations. Miss you on GH.

  • 6w ago tt031964 tt031964

    I know you are hearing the same thing about your departure but I’m gonna say it again COME BACK PLEASE !!!!!!!!! Miss you on my tv

  • 6w ago janetbolek janetbolek

    congrats , u are so missed on gh though!!

  • 6w ago amy_leever amy_leever

    👋🏼 Hello from Eugene (area), Oregon. 😊💕

  • 6w ago graciesgirl801 graciesgirl801

    Such a pretty girl!!

  • 6w ago kp_0072 kp_0072

    Beautiful lady

  • 6w ago eedougling eedougling

    We miss you!!

  • 6w ago sandraslack sandraslack

    Best Wishes!!!!

  • 6w ago tennissir tennissir

    I'm heartbroken! 😪

  • 6w ago c.s_images c.s_images

    I still miss you, but happy for you

  • 6w ago cindypedreiro cindypedreiro


  • 6w ago brandilaube brandilaube

    You are in my stomping grounds! Welcome to Oregon!!!

  • 6w ago cristybenson88 cristybenson88

    Miss u on Gh,

  • 6w ago michaelroybrown michaelroybrown

    🖤Still in mourning 🖤I just can’t talk about it🖤

  • 6w ago cstrawberries7 cstrawberries7

    You look gorg! So going to miss you as Keeks....

  • 6w ago jaimielynnemmerich jaimielynnemmerich

    I am happy for your next adventure but, miss you so much on gh. Poor griffin

  • 6w ago robertpalmerwatkins robertpalmerwatkins


  • 6w ago cindywgolden cindywgolden

    I sure do miss you on GH. I wish you well and a Merry Christmas

  • 6w ago kera5545 kera5545

    I’m sad you are not on GH anymore, I really liked you and Griffin 😢

  • 6w ago k9lover50 k9lover50

    Im heartbroken that they wrote you off 💔

  • 6w ago k9lover50 k9lover50

    Its hard for fans to see great actresses be written off. We get attatched to the characters and the actor. What channel are you on now?

  • 6w ago julesbenzo julesbenzo


  • 6w ago kimberly.taylor.12139 kimberly.taylor.12139

    Why did you leave you!!!!

  • 6w ago apuyae apuyae

    Can’t believe you’re in my home town 😍😍 I was an extra for the pilot of the perfectionists last spring! I’ve been watching GH since I was a little girl and have loved you since day one! So glad I got to watch you grow into an amazing actress and can’t wait to see #plltheperfectionists air!! But mainly see me in the background 😉 Loveeee youuu 💞

  • 6w ago happytwerp happytwerp

    Welcome to Portland ❤

  • 6w ago prettylittleliarsss_7 prettylittleliarsss_7

    @prettylittleliars if one of them is dead 😏🤫🖤

  • 6w ago bswhite023 bswhite023

    Your light will be sorely missed! ♥️😢💔

  • 6w ago princesssummer89 princesssummer89

    OMG I live in Portland Oregon @hayleyerin13

  • 6w ago jennie_sperl jennie_sperl

    I’m going to miss u on GH but then I’m so happy for you on your next journey! 💕

  • 6w ago alb1022 alb1022

    I’m sorry your no longer on GH you were fierce @hayleyerin13 Thank you #metoo

  • 5w ago wolfkr1354 wolfkr1354

    Welcome to Oregon!!

  • 5w ago mrs.gigi908 mrs.gigi908

    Oh that’s why u leaving GH.. I honestly loved ur character.. Kiki will be missed

  • 5w ago kandi69kane kandi69kane

    We miss you so much I wish there was a way for you to come back to GH❤️❤️❤️

  • 5w ago kwhitemarenghi kwhitemarenghi

    ❤️cried for you today. Missing you on gh.

  • 5w ago gorditamafia gorditamafia

    Sooooo that’s where you went! Looks like Mrs.GMafia will be a new fan of PLL.

  • 2w ago celticangel_1990 celticangel_1990

    We miss you so much

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