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You would not know it from the creepy cast of characters in her miniature scenes, but Aleia Murawski (@aleia) didn’t always love bugs. “Snails were my gateway to overcoming my fear of creepy crawlers… except centipedes still kind of freak me out,” explains the 29-year-old artist, who found three pet snails with her friend and collaborator Sam Copeland a few years ago. “After watching the snails, we started to personify them and began imagining little worlds to build around them.” Now, all the stars of Aleia’s scenes have a home in her unique family: there are the star snails, Noodle and Buddy, the praying mantises, Deborah and Barbara, and even a frog named Froggo.
“My work is about the everyday, but it is also about imagining other possibilities,” explains Aleia. “The stories feel limitless, no matter how mundane. Working with snails has allowed me to process my own world and reinterpret my reality. Creating a scene with a snail up all night alone in the office, or two snails driving off into the sunset, helps me turn my own stress and intuitions into something playful and tangible.” Aleia’s parting words for the Instagram community? “A snail can do anything, and so can you.”
See more of her creepy cast in action on today’s story and our IGTV channel. 🐌🖤👽

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