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Que’d up and broke out the best of my tequila and made it a dirty double - this big ol’ birthday wish is for Walt Disney.
He exemplified that dreams ain’t just for dreamers and went on to build one of the most trusted brands the world has ever known.
Ive had the honor of partnering up with Disney on multiple projects from MOANA to most recently wrapping JUNGLE CRUISE with my ace Emily Blunt, and there’s always that special, one of kind, unique Disney magic that lives deep in my bones.
Joy, optimism, imagination and fun.
And the absolute one anchoring thing that I appreciate most about Walt’s philosophy is something that I engrained in my DNA years ago, from whether I was wrestling in flea markets in my early 20’s in front of 200 people to delivering movies to a global audience — is your #1 goal is to always send the people home happy.
Happy Birthday Walt. This one’s for you...
🥃 🤙🏾


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