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Tkaronto guess where I will be your embrace. For today I am celebrating the new musical addition to my family... not sure what to call them...any suggestions?

On learning a new skill - it’s been years of playing music all over the world, being on the microphone predominantly. I have always wanted to learn the guitar & infact have bought several throughout the years. I remember when the boys & I lived in Cape Town, I got a guitar & even started taking lessons. Never completed them. Things that never get completed. Here I am trying again to learn. Here I am starting again. I’ll let you know how it progresses 😀. Is there anything you are deciding to pick up now? Its not too late & congratulations for deciding to do that.

In the meantime, if you are around in Tkaronto on Friday from 4-6pm I will be giving a Performance-Lecture at the University of Toronto as part of the Black TechnoScience Series, along with one of favourite storytellers Najla Nubyanluv @najlanubyanluv. Hope to see you on Friday. Please send your positive vibrations for a safe time in the air from London ❤️ #learning #blackguitar #airplanes #blacktechnosciencehere #touring #dubpoetry #dubtheatre #dubbintheatre #dbiyoung #anitafrikamethod #dbiyounganitafrika #tkaronto


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  • 6d ago babette_burrell babette_burrell

    Safe travel mama

  • 6d ago alyshabrilla alyshabrilla

    I named my piano Ella after Ms. Fitzgerald, but I’ve always just called my Guitar baby. Definitely a living thing of wood and string and you will make such beautiful music with your new friend 💛

  • 6d ago dbiyounganitafrika dbiyounganitafrika

    @alyshabrilla thanx sis that just made my heart smile even wider . I might call them Black that ☺️

  • 6d ago dat.gyal.deh dat.gyal.deh

    You are sooo adorable. Save travels Sistar! 💖

  • 6d ago janisaquoi janisaquoi

    Safe travels lovely❤️ so happy you and an old friend are getting reaquainted:) I've named my guitar's a love fest when we are together❤️

  • 6d ago alyshabrilla alyshabrilla

    @dbiyounganitafrika I love it! 🖤

  • 5d ago lasolasazules lasolasazules

    Hey you 😍I have been trying to learn the guitar for four years 😂 still have like three chords down...

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