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“I came here in 2011. It’s tough to find affordable housing. So, for awhile I stayed in some shelters, including the Good Shepherd. Food and housing were the big things I used at Good Shepherd. If you don’t have a roof over your head and you don’t eat, it gets even tougher to do all the other things you’re looking for, like job hunting. Good Shepherd was just a stopover for me. But it was very helpful. And I can see the difference it’s made in a lot of people’s lives. Some of them I know here personally. They said if it wasn’t for this place, they’d be in real trouble. The staff is wonderful, if you need someone to listen to you. One thing I really like here about the services is the sense of optimism. You never come here with a sense of hopelessness. There are people here who have been in the same boat that you’re in, and some of them are now volunteers. So, there is a certain degree of relatability. I think this is definitely a needed resource in the community. And I’m glad to have been one of its patrons.” Our guests are different, but most of them begin at the same place. It starts with a meal. Please donate today to help those in need this holiday season. Let’s start at the beginning. Help us start with a meal! Click the link in the bio to donate. #christmas #donate #goodshepherdTO


  • 16w ago kathyduva kathyduva

    My brother went there to it is an amazing place🙏

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