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We had a leak in our house - lucky for the house it was contained in boxes but unlucky for me those boxes contained all my favourite yarn!! It stinks so I need to rinse it. I'm just wondering the best way to dry a lot of yarn - I don't have one of those spinny things you use after dyeing yarn or a dehumidifier.. and I'm worried about using the spin setting on the washing machine but maybe it's ok on low?! However I do seem to have accidentally produced some rather funky unicorn sock yarn.. 🦄
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    Oh no! You can squeeze it out and hang it to dry on an airer. You’ll inevitably get drips if only squeezed out by hand, so put something waterproof underneath as they dry and give the ends of the skeins another squeeze now and then as the water drips down.

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    @trulyhooked @travelknitter do you use the spinning the machine? Or have I just made that up 😝

  • 12w ago trulyhooked trulyhooked

    @thewoolkitchen I spin in the washing machine. Make sure it’s the spin only setting and that everything is in skeins with lots of ties on each one. I use the highest level of spin

  • 12w ago fayeperriamreed fayeperriamreed

    @trulyhooked @thewoolkitchen @riverknitsuk thanks so much! I'm currently trying to skein everything so it will dry quicker, however I think this might be an all day job! Pleased to hear I can use the machine though, thanks for that! 🙂

  • 12w ago lottieknits lottieknits

    Oh I’m sorry! As long as you have ties on the skeins, spinning should be fine, I know it sounds weird but washing up liquid can be good for getting dirt out of yarn, just make sure you don’t agitate the yarn too much as you’re rinsing it and don’t go straight from hot water to cold water as both those things can cause the fibres to felt if they’re not Superwash. I usually dry my yarn on a heated airer but often I don’t turn it on unless I have a deadline to meet. It might be better to do it in batches, if you’re trying to dry too much in one go, the air gets humid and it takes ages. Also I’d try to do each colour of yarn one at a time so you don’t have any problems with colour runs, if the water runs clear you should be fine to spin them together. Sorry for the long ramble, hope that makes sense!

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    @lottieknits no that's really useful thanks! I've just run a cold bath with washing up liquid and taken out most of the culprits for dye running! I was due a clear out anyway so this has given me no choice but to get rid of some things - others I am more gutted about but on the plus side I seem to have killed a few moths I didn't know about!

  • 12w ago thewoolkitchen thewoolkitchen

    @fayeperriamreed not too cold! Hot to cold is the worst then cold to Hot! Also not will kill your hands! Think baby bath xx

  • 12w ago thewoolkitchen thewoolkitchen

    Cold will kill your hands!!!

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    Oh no! I used to spin in the washing machine before I got a separate spinner. If you've got a skein that you feel a bit nervous about, pop it in a lingerie bag or pillow case.

  • 12w ago travelknitter travelknitter

    Another thought - if any of the yarn really smells, put a splash of vinegar in the rinse water.

  • 12w ago fayeperriamreed fayeperriamreed

    @thewoolkitchen ok noted, thanks!!

  • 12w ago fayeperriamreed fayeperriamreed

    @travelknitter I thought that, but will it not fix the dyes that have run into it? Or are they just not going to be saved anyway? 🙁

    Everything stinks after being sat in a plastic box full of leaky boiler water. Weirdly it smells a bit like the sea (but not in a good way!) Note to everyone - don't leave your yarn and box full of doctor martens and nice shoes in the cupboard underneath the boiler 🙄

  • 12w ago travelknitter travelknitter

    @fayeperriamreed It won't fix the colours unless the water is hot. But it might be good to use where you haven't got the colour runs. You might have some interesting dye experiments!

  • 12w ago lottieknits lottieknits

    @fayeperriamreed I should have said, I have very sensitive skin so I always wear washing up gloves because the washing up liquid makes my hands chapped and dry, and as Helen @thewoolkitchen says temperature changes don’t help either, you might be ok, but if you have sensitive skin like me, be careful.

  • 12w ago wailliewaillie wailliewaillie

    Roll it up in a towel and stand on it?

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    A heated airer works well for us

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    Hope you can rescue it all xx

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    wow! 😍 I create accessories that will warm your heart 💓

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