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Had the honour of sharing my dreams, stories, lame jokes, hopes and life lessons with the kids at Jamiyah Children's Home. Had to convince them that my flat nose isn't because of boxing. They refused to believe me. Sigh. #RidhwanAmbunda2 #RingstarAsia #rematch #WBCWorldSilverTitle


  • 3w ago kalisonfire kalisonfire

    I thought so too until I saw our class photo🤷🏾‍♂️ 😂

  • 3w ago ohsodyea ohsodyea

    Fuh y3

  • 3w ago zen_emptiness zen_emptiness

    Woo Coach Kadir legend! “Malik why u don’t work out. Apa busy. Lee Kuan Yew busy pun ada work out. Are u more busy than him” hahaha

  • 3w ago sharil601 sharil601


  • 3w ago eenbaba eenbaba


  • 3w ago ashrafshafii ashrafshafii

    Nice pants g

  • 3w ago mohde007 mohde007

    Good job...nice pants too...😄

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