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You might ask what exactly you are looking at right now?
Simple answer - Seaweed just below the surface of the water in Sydney harbour today.
Why was I looking at it and why did I take this photo?
Well seaweed is Something that is rarely considered beautiful, rarely considered interesting yet while the world was taking photos of harbor bridges, opera houses and sunsets I was fascinated by how this seaweed went unnoticed and unappreciated by those above. How it danced effortlessly with the water and it simply did what it has been called and created to do without any form of admiration or praise from this modern world.

To me that’s beautiful.


  • 3w ago __morgan__adams__ __morgan__adams__

    Wow. I love the way you pay attention to the little things, because the little things are always the best.❤️

  • 3w ago unalukac unalukac

    I love the way you see the world. The beauty is in the eye of the observer. Everything has beauty and light inside itself, and thats how I see the world, too. You truly are an inspiration, Nate!

  • 3w ago bradhagan bradhagan

    Love this bra

  • 3w ago coop.wilson05 coop.wilson05

    Agreed .

  • 3w ago vikivisnowwhite vikivisnowwhite

    Cool 💙

  • 3w ago vikivisnowwhite vikivisnowwhite


  • 3w ago xxsweetmiiexx xxsweetmiiexx

    I thought it was a turtle 😂

  • 3w ago justjoad justjoad

    Simple pleasures. Love is all around 🙏🏻💙

  • 3w ago hellen_dantas hellen_dantas

    The way you see things it's beautiful 💛 Totally agree with you

  • 3w ago kira.eli.reed kira.eli.reed

    What is it that your doing atm for you to be traveling to so many places? I need that job 😂

  • 3w ago stephy_xx2 stephy_xx2

    Come to Melbourne!!! 😍

  • 3w ago _rose.amberr_ _rose.amberr_

    Yes that is truly beautiful Nate

  • 3w ago carissavanschie carissavanschie

    Yo where you at so we can come meet you

  • 3w ago av.vanschie av.vanschie

    I’m here rn please come meet me and my sister 💕🎆🎆💋😍😍💋

  • 3w ago mateuspaesb mateuspaesb


  • 3w ago sueevanshemsworth sueevanshemsworth

    Hello darling happy holidays my love nate!!

  • 3w ago t33gz_photography t33gz_photography

    I knew it was seaweed #trueaussieclearly ;) but I never really thought of it the way you did. I like it though

  • 3w ago barbara.ann.24 barbara.ann.24

    @natebuzz It's great to see others taking notice of the "small things". I can get lost in just watching the waves roll in, the small fish that seem to flost in and out of the seaweed, and the other tiny creatures that inhabit the edges of water. It's a beautiful thing to be able to enjoy what by other people would be considered insignificant. Keep posting your wonderful photos. Love seeing the world through another's eyes(lens).

  • 3w ago poncelydia poncelydia

    That's because it always gets stuck to our feet whenever we go to the beach 🙄🌊🏖

  • 3w ago _.xiimmenaa _.xiimmenaa


  • 3w ago aurora101cupid aurora101cupid

    I’ve never seen you visit the Caribbean st. Vincent and the Grenadies or Trinidad and Tobago @natebuzz

  • 3w ago carolineforbes6400 carolineforbes6400

    You make everything beautiful😍

  • 3w ago agrooveymama agrooveymama

    And you are a beautiful person to see the world the way you do.💕

  • 3w ago momo84539 momo84539

    Is photography, for you, just a passion/hobby or is it a profession?

  • 3w ago emmalievictoria emmalievictoria

    The way you described this made me love the sea even more

  • 3w ago kimahtzu kimahtzu

    The colour is soothing! X

  • 3w ago laryssa__silva laryssa__silva

    Love you

  • 3w ago kelisha83 kelisha83

    It’s awesome

  • 3w ago deedee.bear deedee.bear

    So often we feel the way you've described the seaweed. And it's nice to be noticed and acknowledged from time to time. Lovely perspective @natebuzz per usual. ❤

  • 3w ago sabrimellado sabrimellado


  • 3w ago jxnnat_xx jxnnat_xx


  • 3w ago bree.maree bree.maree

    It’s so peaceful to snorkel and just watch the seaweed move with the tide 😊

  • 3w ago star_love225 star_love225


  • 3w ago 7colorfulrainbows 7colorfulrainbows


  • 3w ago morrigan_hanks morrigan_hanks

    Wow I now have a new obsession w seaweed!😊

  • 2w ago dega.zee.9 dega.zee.9

    Love this caption 😘

  • 2d ago breaheb breaheb


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