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They burglarized a Family.
If y’all know who this is, hit @DocWynter in his DM.
Do what’s right. If you have ever had your home broken into, you know how this feels. PLEASE, no need for whack ass comments.
Thank you.

#RepostPlus @docwynter
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ATTENTION: This man (along with 2 others) broke into my home last Friday night. He stole things that I worked hard to acquire but more importantly has disturbed the tranquility of our home life during this holiday season. I’m offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. If you live in the LA area, please share. Thanks. Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family.


  • 4w ago jefusmgmt jefusmgmt

    They hitting LA up

  • 4w ago mrs_roman_lara mrs_roman_lara

    Wow so much negativity in these comments! Smh! praying the victims find peace and justice 🙏🏼

  • 4w ago i_luv_ur_style i_luv_ur_style

    @yamamama82 when 2 idiots named: @cutcars47 & @ployr22 TRY to take cheap shots and both are #irrelevant. Also when they’re told to lay of “whack ass comments” and they feel the need to show they’re BOTH 😾#Illiterate just tells you they’re both #Wangsters you just don’t deal with these #Bitches. See #BigBoy has class and has every good intentions to help an honest person out, but ME I can come on your post and tell these #Bitches #SitYoAssDown and they’ll still reply like the #BITCHES that they are. All you and I can do 🤜🏼🤛🏼 because you and I will just give them both the 🖕🏽💯‼️ quite honestly, it might have been them💯

  • 4w ago inhanzcomptonsfinest inhanzcomptonsfinest

    Hate thieves!

  • 4w ago yamamama82 yamamama82

    @i_luv_ur_style Well said!! 🙌🏽👏🏽. Not wasting any of my time on that Pathetic creep anymore.

  • 4w ago 5hooter_mcgavin 5hooter_mcgavin

    Brah that’s @bobmenery

  • 4w ago greatwhitegrizz greatwhitegrizz

    @bobmenery bob wtf?!😂

  • 4w ago mylifein626 mylifein626

    My house got broken into Christmas Eve night when I was 5. I can definitely relate to not only how it feels to be burglarized but also how it feels during the holidays. I'll never forget it. I hope this jerk is caught.

  • 4w ago luloburr luloburr

    Sad on Christmas

  • 4w ago cody.morgan45 cody.morgan45

    @ant.gee_10 😂

  • 4w ago kaveson kaveson

    What a scum bag

  • 4w ago cpt_clippaz cpt_clippaz

    Right side tattoo tear (focus)

  • 4w ago _stayhumble86 _stayhumble86

    5,000 hahaha. Oh well shit happens all th3 time

  • 4w ago cutcars47 cutcars47

    @yamamama82 yet you are

  • 4w ago thatcynicalbastard thatcynicalbastard

    That's @joerogan

  • 4w ago eddiehenryy eddiehenryy

    Is that @bobmenery 😂

  • 4w ago c.lo_78 c.lo_78

    It happened to us 2 days after christmas while we slept. Took my son's Xbox, shoes, iPod oh & ate out Christmas cookies! Thank goodness we slept through it because who knows what could have happened.

  • 4w ago mz_reneasha_ mz_reneasha_

    I've been victimized before and it's horrible that somebody violates your home where we want to feel safe. I hope that person is caught.

  • 4w ago briangee_ briangee_

    10k I give you name number address and might even get a social 😂🤣😂🤣

  • 4w ago wfb0921 wfb0921

    Look on community buying/selling sites for your items. If they are on there have someone contact them saying they want to buy the item. I did that when someone stole my car and put it on OfferUp. I got a phone number then paid like 7 bucks online to get an address, using the number they gave. Thieves aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed

  • 4w ago majaa0075 majaa0075

    @i_luv_ur_style AMEN

  • 3w ago ivancarrillo951 ivancarrillo951

    @cutcars47 🤣🤣

  • 3w ago jayorwash7x jayorwash7x

    Mack 10?

  • 3w ago ixhuetzcatzin ixhuetzcatzin

    What a low life

  • 3w ago chow_dogg562 chow_dogg562

    I ain’t no rat! 😅

  • 3w ago ammunition ammunition

    Who gone snitch

  • 3w ago young_.boy.38 young_.boy.38


  • 3w ago baby_driver_805 baby_driver_805

    That's @ricoandmambo 👊🏽👊🏽

  • 3w ago airtotherun airtotherun

    He broke into doc’s house?! Jesus Christ I hope they find the guy, big boy! Merry Christmas to y’all at the real 92.3 family, you always make me laugh!!

  • 3w ago adrian_whoody562 adrian_whoody562

    What a fuckin scumbag

  • 3w ago jf_funu2 jf_funu2

    Thats @djcamilo jajaja 😂👌

  • 3w ago kserieskid_1 kserieskid_1

    Bum ass

  • 3w ago ipushweights ipushweights

    They even robbing you geared up, he swaggin! Big dummy should’ve had a mask and hoodie, he look like he ready for a Supreme drop🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 3w ago angiea_93 angiea_93

    I really hope you guys find this jerk that did this !!!

  • 3w ago _hbone43 _hbone43

    I know cuh.

  • 3w ago jbenz216 jbenz216

    Hey I know this bitch

  • 2w ago justmeee.14 justmeee.14

    @cri_styles77 this JUST now showed up in my weird. But...ummm...YES IT DOES! Bushier eyebrows, plus...he's a cop. Lol. But it SO does!

  • 2w ago david_fixed08104222475 david_fixed08104222475

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  • 5d ago tonensp tonensp

    @cody.morgan45 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • 5d ago gonfreaax gonfreaax


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