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Yeah. That’s the Medal of Honor. Dakota Meyer is the youngest ever living recipient of this in the Marines.


  • 12w ago redback2charlie redback2charlie

    Amazing and inspiring

  • 12w ago bjc_203ct bjc_203ct

    American Hero 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • 12w ago jefflogan5 jefflogan5

    Much respect! Merry Christmas 🎄

  • 12w ago jdelgadoarte jdelgadoarte

    Merry Christmas to you bro beans and Tell him I said the same for him and his family

  • 12w ago ljschrader ljschrader

    Merry Christmas and Semper Fi to you both Drew.

  • 12w ago 405mann 405mann

    Next to the kids toys.....nice!

  • 12w ago dirttimedylan dirttimedylan

    Lol. And his daughters play with it.

  • 12w ago mrdickb mrdickb


  • 12w ago daniel_anthony_photography daniel_anthony_photography

    Love the casual display

  • 12w ago eriktheodorevic eriktheodorevic

    It's a reminder of one of the worst days of his life.

  • 12w ago erickaota05 erickaota05

    Thank him for his service and sacrifice

  • 12w ago yahboishell yahboishell

    Much respect to Dakota but I believe Kyle Carpenter is the youngest. Or was Dakota the youngest when he received it?

  • 12w ago kendramiddletonwilliams kendramiddletonwilliams

    On the kitchen counter with the play-doh lid. LMFAO

  • 12w ago mjwilliams46 mjwilliams46


  • 12w ago mjwilliams46 mjwilliams46


  • 12w ago gursoytrak1 gursoytrak1


  • 12w ago bworkmanlt13 bworkmanlt13


  • 12w ago kcarrzone kcarrzone

    I would have to do the "we're not worthy" Wayne's World thing lol. That's so freaking awesome!

  • 12w ago 302voter 302voter

    That needs a nice wooden framed display box with glass front . Hung on the wall.

  • 12w ago senshi_76 senshi_76

    Merry Christmas brother, send my greetings to Dakota and family.

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