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@koko.amore Review Program ✨
I didn’t try the reformulation of Clean It Zero (CIZ) @banilaco_official. It was on my wishlist but then they made a Halloween edition with the Disney movie “Nightmare Before Christmas”. I almost never buy products because of the packaging but I was so going to shell out for this limited edition. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the review program from @koko.amore.
Review (swipe for video):
It is so lightweight and creamy. It instantly melts down and removes all makeup or dirt from the face. I like that they improved the smell of it, it used to smell like bubblegum now it has a very subtle fragrance.
Another thing that they improved was the packaging. My previous old CIZ used to shed from the cap, even the bottle would release flakes. I hated that, this one is so much sturdier and much easier to handle. The older CIZ was so flimsy. They’ve even enhanced the spatula!
Other than that, this is still my favorite cleansing balm, it does the job really well and doesn’t strip your skin.
Disclosure: as stated earlier I received this product from @koko.amore to review.
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  • 11w ago koko.amore koko.amore

    We are happy, too! Thanks for your review 💖

  • 11w ago emanqadeer emanqadeer

    @koko.amore thank you for the opportunity 🙏🏻😊

  • 11w ago jaleksc jaleksc

    It would be great if the make a product for men, maybe a neutrogena like product to cleanse our face! @koko.amore

  • 11w ago emanqadeer emanqadeer

    @jaleksc you can use the banila co cleanser too. Most Kbeauty products are unisex, my brother uses almost everything I own (including clean it zero) 😂. Most retailers have collections for men too. But yeah beauty does need to be more gender inclusive!

  • 9w ago mrskimdiary mrskimdiary

    So cute this special edition 😍

  • 2w ago luxolashes luxolashes

    You need some Luxo in your life 😍 Give our lashes a go!..

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