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RIP Keeks... Much love to my @generalhospitalabc family, I’ll miss you guys. Thank you for this wonderful, wild ride in daytime. I will always be grateful to the fans who embraced Kiki through the years, my life wouldn’t be nearly this beautiful without your constant love and support XO


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  • 6w ago taylorkrenick taylorkrenick

    I cant believe i wont see kiki anymore. You were my favorite character. Have fun on #plltheperfectionists. Best of luck. ❤❤❤

  • 6w ago theresadonner theresadonner

    I really will miss you. You were a great one to play KiKi. You will be missed

  • 6w ago sunny__dayze sunny__dayze

    You were an amazing addition to GH really gonna miss you. I’m still in shock! Best wishes on your future!!

  • 6w ago njd48 njd48

    ❤️wishing all the best for you . Thanks for the memories Keeks!

  • 6w ago chloedoodle.42017 chloedoodle.42017

    Just watched your funeral on General Hospital today. I guess we have to move on now.

  • 6w ago ellensout ellensout

    @hayleyerin13 I just needed to let you know that I cried like a baby with today’s episode of GH. I am so going to miss you!

  • 6w ago baecraze baecraze

    I’m happy for you you’re one of the reasons I watching GH again. I stopped watching for many yrs look like going back to no soap operas 😢

  • 6w ago bri.m.d bri.m.d

    Kiki was my favorite character.. Thanks for being the best actress ever!! Now I'm going to start watching Pretty Little Liars hehe. Rip Kiki!! 💜❤️

  • 6w ago llginger67 llginger67

    Miss you so much on GH. I just bawled my eyes out through the funeral episode today

  • 6w ago _juliaaiello _juliaaiello

    um come back please u were my favourite

  • 6w ago jonesclan3 jonesclan3

    Omg I just cried like this was real LOL I will miss seeing you on the show every night when I sit down to watch my DVR blessings on your next chapter! ❤️

  • 5w ago bpell_1205 bpell_1205

    @hayelerin miss you already on the show #wasashocker❤️😍

  • 5w ago crzy_boy22 crzy_boy22

    I don't want to watch GH anymore..

  • 5w ago mygirl_leah mygirl_leah

    Gonna miss you as Kiki it was so sad the way you left the show.

  • 5w ago bonnieprincipatoberger bonnieprincipatoberger

    I will miss you 😢❤️

  • 5w ago goldiebearfranz goldiebearfranz

    Miss you so much on GH

  • 5w ago lulis1976 lulis1976

    I am watching your last episode. You are going to be missed! 😘💙❤️

  • 5w ago mommy2princesslife mommy2princesslife

    I legit cry when your mom goes to see your body on general hospital. You were an amazing part of the show, going to miss you positive attitude and beautiful outlook on everything! Good luck with your future shows! 😩😍😘💜

  • 5w ago official_angelique_fireheart official_angelique_fireheart

    Good luck with everything. You're a phenomenal actress.

  • 5w ago mella531 mella531

    Gonna miss you 💗

  • 5w ago westlisa65 westlisa65

    so sad for you to go! I loved you so much on the show, you were amazing.

  • 5w ago sunflowerkissed79 sunflowerkissed79

    They should have just did a recast. I loved seeing you and Griffin together. Y'all were just getting started. Hate to see that story line go. Oh well. That's a soap opera for you. 🤷🏾

  • 5w ago llac0955 llac0955

    You will be missed. I am happy that you were able to land a role you were interested in. The nice thing about daytime is that if you leave on a positive note you’ll always be able to come back. Good luck. xoxo

  • 5w ago donnamannarino22 donnamannarino22

    😩😩😩😩😩we love you kiki

  • 5w ago _sssonyaaa _sssonyaaa

    ok it’s been long enough jokes over u can come back to GH 😭

  • 5w ago mickeywade1031 mickeywade1031

    You will be sorely missed . I love the energy you brought to Kiki. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  • 5w ago _myshelbee_ _myshelbee_

    I cried so much 😭

  • 4w ago _lisa25__ _lisa25__

    Awww miss u hayley erin and kiki

  • 4w ago thelovebugg13 thelovebugg13

    I was so bummed you left but I’m sure it’s the best thing for you ! 😘

  • 3w ago debtighe debtighe

    @hayleyerin13 what will you do now? Miss you and your character on the show. ☹️

  • 3w ago shasha42us shasha42us

    Miss you Kiki but will follow your show!

  • 3w ago k.willsss k.willsss

    Kiki come backkk 😩😩😩😩‼️‼️‼️

  • 3w ago kittykat1974 kittykat1974

    Good you are a terrible actress

  • 2w ago christydeee_vegan christydeee_vegan

    I was/am so sad. I read on another post somewhere you have a new project but I absolutely cannot stand the way you left @hayleyerin13 . I watched it since he was on before and they need to make it stop! You are a beautiful soul, and you and Griffin were the most perfect tv couple, but you had no time. You will be missed, and I wish you the very best with all future projects, you have a lot of talent! 💕🍃

  • 1w ago the_simple_life_of_melissa the_simple_life_of_melissa

    We miss you

  • 1w ago beautybymeline beautybymeline

    So sad to see you go. Miss your light on #GH. Love and much success on your next chapter. 👏🙌

  • 1w ago denton_gibbons denton_gibbons

    So sweet you are.🔥

  • 6d ago michellesinca2 michellesinca2

    I’m so tardy on the story and just saw this news. Very sad, but very happy for you. Good Luck in your future! ♥️

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