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#novvinylchallenge Day 28 - Favorite Start-to-Finish Album: The first three words and the last three words of this album: “I do not exist.” I faithfully insist that this is what a perfect album sounds like to me. It’s my favorite album by my favorite band. Listen to it.
(mewithoutYou - Brother, Sister - 2006)
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  • 16w ago __sea.roses__ __sea.roses__

    i love this album so much

  • 16w ago vinyl.two.pi.radians vinyl.two.pi.radians


  • 16w ago thomas_aka_thomas thomas_aka_thomas

    Always mentioned in my favorite albums of all time list. Just incredible from start to finish, I completely agree. My favorite lyricist. Incredible drummer. Really beautiful guitars

  • 16w ago picsofpixels picsofpixels

    This was the first @mewithoutyou album I ever heard and it's what made me a lifelong fan.

  • 16w ago slam_punk slam_punk

    Best band to (not) exist.

  • 16w ago weirdvinylgirl weirdvinylgirl

    I’m not something, more like the absence of something, so shadow am I!

  • 15w ago spanndrew spanndrew

    Mewithoutyou will forever be my favorite.

  • 15w ago brnthrshmn brnthrshmn

    @spanndrew same 🙌

  • 15w ago brnthrshmn brnthrshmn

    @weirdvinylgirl the whole material world seems to me like a newspaper headline. It explicitly demands your attention and may even contain some truth.

  • 15w ago brnthrshmn brnthrshmn

    @picsofpixels I heard CFUTF and that was love at first listen, but Brother, Sister is what solidified them as my favorite band.

  • 15w ago brnthrshmn brnthrshmn

    @thomas_aka_thomas I especially love seeing them live.

  • 15w ago picsofpixels picsofpixels

    @brnthrshmn I'm hoping we get a CFUTF reissue next year. 15th anniversary of the album in 2019...

  • 15w ago brnthrshmn brnthrshmn

    @picsofpixels I hope so, too. I think about that quite frequently.

  • 15w ago joseph_bell joseph_bell

    I still have a soft spot for CFUTF but you can’t deny how amazing tracks like “A sweater poorly knit” are.

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