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Friday was a profound experience performing dubpoetry (an excerpt of my Dub Opera Lukumi, recently published by K. Verlag Press in Berlin in The Work of Wind) about a young womxn’s journey to self-knowledge & accountability, in the gallery, in the middle of the ON AIR Exhibit by Tomas Saraceno in Paris.
To be inside what felt to me like webbing; so many global Indigenous cultures celebrate the wisdom & fate of the Spider.
I grew up with Anancy stories in Jamaica. The figure (from the Ashanti of West Africa) is a cunning trickster who has a mischievous sense of humor.
After my performance in the deep web from inner space (my naming) I then went to a concert celebrating webweaving spiders through the sonic arts (who I found out are deaf and blind and weave from vibrations felt.

The entire experience urged me to ask myself questions around public performance and recovery. The recovery of Self & the recovery of the other. Is recovery a step in self-actualization and where does it fall? Is poetry, Performance, storytelling a crucial medium of recovery for the community?
I cut and paste some info on the exhibit from the Palais de Tokyo for your reading pleasure:
The exhibition ON AIR is an ecosystem in becoming, hosting emergent choreographies and polyphonies across human and non-human universes, where artworks reveal the common, fragile and ephemeral rhythms and trajectories between these worlds. As a hybrid ecosystem, ON AIR is made of a myriad presences, both animate and inanimate, that meet and cohabit within it. Some voices become quiet, whilst others, perhaps those less often heard by human ears, are magnified. The exhibition functions as an ensemble for silent voices, performing the hidden scores that link events and sensibilities, earthly and cosmic phenomena – weaving a web of relations that cannot be described but maybe can be felt.

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