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[ Guilty Pleasures ]
Marisa here with your guilty pleasures winners...please join me in congratulating our lucky winners! Our sponsor's winner is @sundayharris with her relaxed bedroom scene! The guiltiest of guilty as voted by you is @balkizz.sulaiman and those dark chocolate peanut butter and banana sandwiches! My mouth is watering just writing this 😝 Please DM Peita at @gingerfinchhome to claim your prize!

I would just like to thank our amazing sponsor and guest host Peita from @gingerfinchhome. What a wonderful theme you chose and we certianly learnt more about our community! Thank you for all your encouragement and positive's always a pleasure having you 😊

I'll hand you back to Em from @stilettos_and_bricks now who will start featuring her favourite #cs_black images...there are already lots to choose from!

Happy faffing!
Marisa xx
@gingerfinchhome @creativelysquared #cs_guiltypleasures


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