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With 1st gear popping out 99% of the time & my plans for higher horsepower, I’m pretty much over the idea of rebuilding my R154 transmission. Its going to take a lot time for me to save a bunch of bread on the side for a 6 speed swap but I know it will be worth it. My R154 trans, clutch, & one-piece aluminum driveshaft will soon be for sale to help fund the 6 speed swap. I am leaning towards a T56 trans but when the money comes in then i’ll ultimately decide which route to go. This means the Supra will be down again for quite some time, so unfollow me if you want😂 But if you stick around then you a real one❤️
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  • 20w ago purefunction_ purefunction_

    @ttinmysoup talk about over kill lol fucking full send!

  • 20w ago bucket_s10 bucket_s10

    T56 all the way. They can hold up to 700+whp STOCK

  • 20w ago ttinmysoup ttinmysoup

    @purefunction_ lol not really. On my car my torque is just about 950. 🙈 will be back on the dyno soon with some more upgrades

  • 20w ago moesupra moesupra

    @purefunction_ 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • 20w ago moesupra moesupra MVP 🏆

  • 20w ago purefunction_ purefunction_

    @ttinmysoup you’re getting 950’torque through a R154 and stock bottom end!?!?

  • 20w ago ttinmysoup ttinmysoup

    @purefunction_ lol eventually I know Moe will come out with a built motor 8685 with nitrous someday

  • 20w ago jushowa__ jushowa__

    Built a340e atf

  • 20w ago cisco_16sti cisco_16sti


  • 20w ago thanktheblue_s13 thanktheblue_s13

    I'm a simple man with an s13, I know how long good change takes. I be here!

  • 20w ago s2k_bwhite s2k_bwhite

    Just put a w58 in it. Fuuuuuuck it. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • 20w ago sicknastys15 sicknastys15

    @wickit96 i find it hard to believe it can hold 1000 safely stock tho? Im using one in my S15 shooting fir 650whp

  • 20w ago wickit96 wickit96

    @sicknastys15 it all depends on the year you get. 2006 plus have the strongest gear sets and have been proven to manage over 1k hp. Plus they are 500 to 800 used and 2k brand new from Nissan.

  • 20w ago sicknastys15 sicknastys15

    @wickit96 ahhh gotcha. I have one from a late 06 🤘🏼

  • 20w ago wickit96 wickit96

    @sicknastys15 should be good then brotha!

  • 20w ago zwei_the_c zwei_the_c

    What about using the CD0009 as the transmission? I hear that’s a very popular option for Supra MK4.

  • 20w ago huntermacari huntermacari

    I'm staying for as long as your account is up, I wanna see the Supra and your company progress.

  • 20w ago foxxsupra foxxsupra

    I’m confused why most wont go with CD009, brand new trans from dealer 15-1700 and kid 3k. Grannas cool and all but 7k+ smh might as well go V160/61 and rebuild if 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 20w ago terronnnnn terronnnnn

    💪🏽 since the LA Car Scene Video

  • 20w ago foxxsupra foxxsupra

    @f0xx__ not saying you’re not going cd009 just saying, the community everyone’s spending upwards of 10k to go T56, so many other kids $$ can go too over that trans. (Had one in my ls1 s10 years ago just not a fan)

  • 20w ago lordmomo lordmomo

    Yeah Supra or not, I’m still here. I’ve followed so long that I honestly forgot when I followed. 🤣 has to be 3+ years

  • 20w ago thebrianlang thebrianlang

    @moesupra Joel Grannas FTW

  • 20w ago whatpainfitness whatpainfitness

    Here to stay bro 🙋 can't wait to peep 👀 the new set up 💪💪

  • 20w ago n0obsa1b0t n0obsa1b0t

    @moesupra Suprasport in the Netherlands can get you the parts that are discontinued

  • 20w ago sulliiiii sulliiiii

    Was it even back up lol

  • 20w ago bontis101 bontis101

    I recently did the T56 GR700 swap, and I’m glad I did, it such a nice trans and been smooth shifting.

  • 20w ago mcfarlo mcfarlo

    T56 seems like the one to go for if they're semi budget friendly which I can imagine they are in the states compared to some other places in the world. PPG sequential T56 would be the dream 😎

  • 20w ago moesupra moesupra

    @sulliiiii Yes, and it still is. I can go out and rip her on the streets right now if I want with no issues. I just cant use 1st gear.

  • 20w ago moesupra moesupra

    @lordmomo thanks bro!!

  • 20w ago moesupra moesupra

    @f0xx__ The CD009 is a good trans and definitely an option on my list but after doing a lot of research, the T56 can handle more of a beating. As i mentioned in the previous comments, V160 is a dream trans for any Supra owner but its getting nearly impossible to find replacement parts for it incase a rebuild is ever needed

  • 20w ago moesupra moesupra

    @huntermacari I appreciate the positivity!

  • 20w ago moesupra moesupra

    @s2k_bwhite Lmao 😂

  • 20w ago moesupra moesupra

    @whatpainfitness Butter 👌🏼

  • 20w ago foxxsupra foxxsupra

    @moesupra yea read ya comments and you’re absolutely right. And if you do find parts you’re better off buying a space ship the way people charging for parts smh. Whatever you decide I’m sure you’ve done ya homework. Goodluck man will watch closely. I myself have a CD009 just waiting on Collins kit to arrive 😈

  • 20w ago johnreee_ johnreee_

    Cd009 another option serial 9 makes adapter

  • 20w ago sulliiiii sulliiiii

    @moesupra i feel u lol i just went and watched the recent video n read how you hardly ever post pulls. Been following you over a year and im always itchin to see it in action lol

  • 20w ago nickcopestick nickcopestick


  • 20w ago boostinpancakes2jz boostinpancakes2jz

    If you go 6spd you're good with a v160 for a looooong time and alot of power and you'll keep it "factory" ish. But the grannas t56 kits are also amazing with great feedback and lota of happy supra guys i see

  • 20w ago supracory supracory

    Good things take time, great things are never ending. Look forward to seeing what you go with.!

  • 19w ago evogio_ evogio_


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