Instagram post by @heidiswapp Heidi Swapp

it’s so easy to focus on all the stuff that isn’t going well! we all have stressful, uncomfortable situations that are weighing on our hearts, and camping in that most forefront part of our brains! those thoughts are bold and demanding... give yourself a break from worry! Try this: 1. Take conscious notice of EVERY.little.thing. that has gone right, and the things you have all around you! (notice how soft your pillow is; the hot water; a hug...) 2. Remember that whatever you are dealing with hasn’t worked out ...YET!! Episode 23 of my “Light the Fight” podcast talks about giving some time and space for progress. Go listen! 🎧 let’s take the day off from worry and anxiousness... this week is for every one of us to step up until we have a full view of all the goodness around us! Taking a break from worrying will allow that to happen! #notetoself #takeabreak #yet #deepbreaths #enjoythisnow


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