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I’m a grateful man for this crazy journey and the fact that my awful haircut resembled a pineapple on crack.
22yrs ago on this weekend, I made my @wwe debut at #SurvivorSeries in the holy grail of arenas - Madison Square Garden.
I was green as the grass and up until that point I had only wrestled in flea markets, state fairs and used car dealerships making $40 bucks per match — to now Madison Square Garden in front of a sold out 23,000 strong.
Pro-wrestling is an amazing, yet wild and unpredictable world - because you never know who fans are gonna embrace and who they’re gonna write the death certificate for and your career fizzles from there.
On this night, in New York City, this punk kid with $7 bucks to his name and the world’s worst ring wardrobe ever — got very lucky as 23,000+ passionate New York City fans embraced me like a son and the rest was blood, sweat & respect history.
Thank you @wwe universe.
Thank you NYC.
Huge thank you to “the boys” in this match who did what’s best for business like true pros and put this green kid over right in the middle of the ring - 1,2,3. Thank you for your leadership, guidance, patience, support and for the great fucking “ribs” my first year in the business 👏🏾😂
And finally, to the the current @wwe superstars who have the privilege of competing in tonight’s #SurvivorSeries — stay positive, stay patient and leave it all in the ring tonight because you never know where your road will eventually lead to.
#bloodsweatrespect #survivorseries


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