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Today is “survivors day”... 11.17 the day set aside to acknowledge those who have lost loved ones to suicide. 💔 the loss, and sadness of losing someone you love to suicide is pretty unbearable. But we have to keep going. Keep loving one another, and continuing to fight against the stigma, and for increased understanding, help and support for those suffering with thoughts of hopelessness and despair. Today my heart feels super heavy. The hole in our family never gets any smaller... and the questions and regrets are standard issue in my daily thoughts... AND we keep going. still remembering, loving and holding our memories close. I will keep talking about Cory, and i will keep trying to learn, and help other parents learn - and i will keep shining a light on the shame and difficulties that are real in our lives and relationships.... because these deaths are preventable. Understanding is possible. Solutions can be found. We can’t ever, ever give up. #lightthefight #lightthefightpodcast #corystory #stopsuicide #survivorsday #nevergiveup #corypaulswapp #coryapproved @lightthefight


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    In my thoughts always ❤️

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    @heidiswapp I just recently started following you. I had a friend suggest it. I lost my niece Feb 16 to suicide. It has ripped the biggest hole in my heart. She is on my mind when I wake up, she is constantly in thoughts through out the day and in my prayers when I go to bed. When celebrated her #forever18 bday this Oct, which she would’ve been 19. This pain is so horrendous and it just never goes away. My kids miss their cousin and often ask me why, why she did what she did. Losing someone to suicide has been the hardest thing I have been through in my life. In my really bad days, I wonder how my sister makes it through each day. I enjoy reading your post and learning about your son. Thank you for sharing. Continued prayers for your family ❤️

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    I was at the hospital last week for my drs appts. In the parking garage I saw a tire cover on a Jeep with a howling wolf and thought of you and your son. You are doing good, helping others. 🙏🏻

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    Sending you love and light.

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    @amanda_tee please remind me of the meaning of the 2 hashtags. I went searching recently but had no luck. Thank you

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    I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending love

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    Sending thoughts and prayers your way

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    @mcheney1 so hard! Sending ❤️.

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    I didn’t know today was survivor day?!?!? My Dad committed suicide when I was 4 and my sister was 11.

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    Thinking of you!!

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    I so admire you. I wish suicide prevention was taught in schools. This topic is to important to pretend it can't hap. The more it's talk about the more children could be saved.

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    Sending you loving prayers. 😢❤️❤️

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    Thank you for the truth, the honesty and the love. This pain is unbearable and I cannot thank you enough for walking in this truth. You are the leader, which is a badge I know you wish you didn’t have, of all of us looking for answers.

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    Heidi, ❤️!

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    You have reached people far far beyond those you think you have! Thank you! I- a stranger in another country- will never forget Corystory or your family!

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    Today is nine years from when my sister took her life. Thank you for sharing. 💗

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    Hugs to you and your family dear friend. Prayers always💕

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    @heidiswapp 😢-your heart and determination are inspiring. Thinking of you and your family every day but more so today.

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    Hugs to you.❤️

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    @celeste07buehne 🙏🏻

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    Why do you speak of shame and stigma? Surely you know that Cory's death is not your fault. I hope you know that. I have more to say but because this is a public forum, if you want to speak with me privately, let me know. As parents, we feel the guilt and responsibility for our children but what they do is not our fault! You are incredible!

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    Always remember 💕

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    @stickstitchcut It’s to represent a fist bump to your heart as if you know how they feel... it’s kinda hard to explain! The two are for two bumps. ❤️

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    Praying for you 😘

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    I appreciate you being willing to share Cory and his story!!! This is no different than a heart attack! It should not have a stigma! Big hugs from someone who understands! ❤️

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    @amanda_tee thank you for taking the time to explain

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    Just .... ❤️❤️❤️

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