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  • 3w ago 1armlifts 1armlifts

    Is the underhand grip more comfortable for you. Personally feel over hand is stronger

  • 3w ago 1_armed_hercules 1_armed_hercules

    @1armlifts at my gym we can’t use chalk so I like having an underhand grip. When I had two arms I preferred my left under and my right over so I’ll probably get back into an over hand grip eventually

  • 3w ago 1armlifts 1armlifts

    Absolutely if it works, I dont like the tension on my elbow. But it works for you keep at it

  • 3w ago 1_armed_hercules 1_armed_hercules

    @1armlifts yeah my elbow feels alright but I do get some bad tension every now and again

  • 3w ago spencer.physique spencer.physique

    Cool lift man! I'm super inspired!

  • 3w ago esserre2k17 esserre2k17


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