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Have you ever had such offensive folds, like Giuseppe Pantaleo❔

Sometimes you try holding out to the end, but at some moment you are a nervous wreck and you decide to fold, just when the luck can be so close. ‍♂️

But after all, sitting at a poker table you don't know what cards are in the hands of an opponent. And you can hardly assume that he is playing with exactly the same hand.

In what cases, a poker player usually considers that there is no point in fighting for the bank and chooses a fold:

♦️ If it seems to him that the hand of the opponent is stronger.

♦️ If the pot size is larger than the number of chips, which he is ready to lose with this hand.

♦️ If the opponents' bets seem to be too big.

♦️ If the player is in a bad starting position, so called UTG.

We don't know why Giuseppe has made this decision, but we need to say that fold in poker is a quite frequent decision and experienced players come to it very thoughtfully.

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