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Yass!! 🙏🏼Product of the Week ***ALERT***
Our Anti-Gravity “Sticky Friend” is here! 📱Use your smartphone hands free! 😉
The secret to our powerful holding force is our revolutionary nano-suction technology, which secures your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy tightly against almost any smooth surface. 📲

Perfect for:
✅Taking selfies (no more selfie sticks!)
✅Watching the videos while you're shaving
✅Practicing YouTube cosmetic tutorials in front of your mirror
✅Filming workout videos
✅Self-study cooking lessons in the kitchen
✅ Hands-free navigation while driving
✅Netflix? Absolutely. Just attach your phone case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to any surface wall and enjoy!!
Plus, many, many other uses .
. 🖱Cleaning your Sticky Friend is easy: Just wipe with a damp cloth and your nano-suction technology will reactivate.

Buy now! At 🛍 #stickyfriend #stick #case #holder #stickycase #iphone #android #phone #cellphone #bgmgshop #shop #buy

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