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  • 4w ago avogel57 avogel57

    @yoitstaryn you have one of these?

  • 4w ago yoitstaryn yoitstaryn

    @avogel57 oh snap.... Thata sweet. Where do i buy one?

  • 4w ago danger.danimal danger.danimal

    how much larger is it that stock lever? I'm curious if it will have problems fitting in my holsters

  • 4w ago avogel57 avogel57


  • 4w ago jngor04 jngor04

    But can you holster it... 🤔

  • 4w ago mk_all_day66 mk_all_day66

    That’s dope!

  • 4w ago pynkpwny pynkpwny

    I'm guessing there are absolutely no holsters for this mod though?

  • 4w ago 47images 47images

    @pynkpwny @jngor04 @danger.danimal I believe @gogunusa states it fits most stock holsters or requires minor modification --I need to get a holster for my p320 I guess! 👀

  • 4w ago gogunusa gogunusa

    Holsters are not a problem. Known holsters are posted on our web site. Feedback from shooters is it fits most holsters but some require only minor mods. It is designed to carry

  • 4w ago lobster__media lobster__media


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