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#selfrespect💪🏾 They only consumed fresh food. Free of any man made chemicals, preservatives. The children were often scared of the visitors white skin. Uhuru #Congo #conflictminerals


  • 4w ago jenevieve713 jenevieve713

    Listen to the youth

  • 4w ago godezekiel godezekiel


  • 4w ago jerzey_girlfit973 jerzey_girlfit973

    Children sensing that negative energy. They know what’s up! “visitors” 🧐😒

  • 4w ago ayanna.amah ayanna.amah

    One of the best documentaries on Netflix!

  • 4w ago siouxweaux siouxweaux

    "we've gotten used to the fact children aren't frightened by our white skin" lmaooo where is this from?

  • 4w ago evlush_ evlush_

    Wow , what is the name of this Doc? I don’t have Netflix but i can find it :)

  • 4w ago bravknows bravknows

    @ayanna.amah whats the name of vid

  • 4w ago ayanna.amah ayanna.amah

    @bravknows Pygmies: Children of the Jungle

  • 3w ago crowned.with.glory crowned.with.glory

    Children are pure souls. They know exactly who they are in that white skin. Devils! lookin to mess with these people's lives.

  • 3w ago sundaydtown sundaydtown

    I’m literally in tears .... I want to be there

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