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among all my students there is this one sweet girl who has picked up knitting. her first piece is impeccable and a beauty to look at. she brings her knitting to class, takes it home and brings it right back the next day. she knits when she’s finished with her work. she knits in her free time. you guys— I see her and I know a knitter has been born. today, I helped her start her second piece. this blue turquoise scarf is her piece for charity. I hope that as she continues growing in her love for this craft that we all love so very much— one day she gets to knit one of those beautiful kits that we all come across from @weareknitters. today, I was slightly thrown off by her plastic bag that carries her knitting. 😭 I started thinking about all those beautiful totes she could possibly use to carry her yarn. do share your fav knitting tote with us. let’s help her move away from plastic and introduce her to the cutest, easy to tote around bag. a knitter was born this season. and she’s the real deal. ❤️

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