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    클레린티포트그거 좋은 디자인이네요😊
    조현재씨의 추천은 무엇입니까?
    가을의 긴 밤을 천천히 즐기세요~☕🍵😌✨

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    멋진 CM입니다~💜💚💛

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    Develop your own bussiness with min jeong is the rught way for you dear prince and you choice the suit role for your entertainment only then the life will be easy the userfriendly is the first also think about the lower class can they afford ? If the produce are save and resonable cost then its succed

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    Always good looking😘 @jo_hyunjae

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    사진의 매수가 증가하고 기쁩니다. 감사합니다🤗
    동영상도 보았다. 상쾌하고 부드러운, 현재 님에 어울리는 CM 동영상 네요. 너무 멋집니다💕

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    minum teh aje cakep bang @jo_hyunjae ☺☺☺

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    조현재 👨 씨 안녕하세요 🙆 어제 현재 님의 사진이 삭제되어 걱정하고있었습니다 만, 또 배견되어 안심했습니다 🎵 모습을 늘려 주시고 정말 기쁩니다 😊👌💕 ありがとうございます💗

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    조현재 씨
    안녕하세요 😊 냄비 광고의 사진이었다군요 💖 광고 출연 기쁩니다 😊💕 매우 상쾌하고 더욱 멋진 모습에 두근 두근입니다 💓💓💓💓💓😍

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    Beautiful photo

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    아주 상쾌하네요 ~✨✨ 조현재 씨의 이미지에 딱입니다. 😊👌 앞으로도 다양한 모습을 보여주세요 ^ ^

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    안녕 boy

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    안녕하세요 조 현재 씨. 향기로운 조 현재 씨를 보면서 오늘도 노력 하겠습니다💙🙋

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    Tea is good for refreshment after working hard 😊don't be tired😊(چای برای رفع خستگی بعد از سخت کار کردن خییلی خوبه ..خسته نباشید)

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    Seolnan, miyangnong😍

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    The invited producer need not so extream but userfriendly find in the normal living how to help the people by these produces jesus help you

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    Dear Hyunjae ssi👨 Good morning🎶 How are you💕 조현재 👨 씨가 맛있게 커피를 마시고있는 모습을보고, 나도 행복했습니다 💗 다음은 일본에서 직접 현재 님의 목소리를 듣고 싶습니다 🎵 I love you💘

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    چوخ گوزل or nice

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    구미호 외전에서 특공대 멋있어요.

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    새로운 가족의 탄생을 축하합니다💓
    좋은 아버지 좋은 남편 좋은 배우와 다양한 일이 있지만 열심히 하세요🙌
    응원하고 있어요🙌🙌🙌

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    Congagulation our prince we dont know how to say but we are prayer for min jeong our daughter in law also our grandson ,^^

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    🙌🙌🙌congagulation we wish he is the healthy and kindness boy as yujin who give both of you also your family smile,hope and energy so we suggest 存勇。means live with brave eventhought the thirth world war is near anyway jesus christ blessing your family and give you wisdom to teach him

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    please acting new drama as a main role we are love your acting🙇‍♀️

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    We are sorry to tell you the facts we found in our city too many electrical produces that made in mainland china are the copy cats

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