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Today is #VeteransDay. We are honoring our brothers and sisters who have dedicated their lives to serving their country and the sacrifices that they’ve made to protect us.

Please take a moment to thank a veteran for their service today or leave a message of thanks below. We all stand with our veterans… not just today, but every day.


  • 4w ago _hontzeas_ _hontzeas_

    I am on the wrong side of heaven and in the righteous side of hell

  • 4w ago mongo1171 mongo1171

    Thank you for all you’ve done for us veterans.

  • 4w ago evielt2004 evielt2004

    I may not be from America but I thank all soldiers around the globe 👨‍✈️👩‍✈️

  • 4w ago codyscaramuzzino codyscaramuzzino

    Thank you guys. @5fdp you guys helped motivate us overseas. Bad company is an anthem for us over there. Keep on rockin.

  • 4w ago fklopot fklopot


  • 4w ago jacobbschwartz jacobbschwartz

    Thank you to my awesome grandpa who served in the Vietnam war😘

  • 4w ago luvguster luvguster

    Your “Wrong Side of Heaven” video is hands down the most powerful video I’ve ever seen. Thank you for raising awareness about our Veteran homelessness. They should be given a home when they come back from serving, not NEEDING a home.

  • 4w ago mypeach68 mypeach68

    Incredible song and video

  • 4w ago iceman99turbo iceman99turbo

    Amen!! 🙏🇺🇸🙏

  • 4w ago lorraine.lyn.3 lorraine.lyn.3

    This song and music video is what inspired me to study psychology. I went from wanting to be a music teacher to working towards a career as a psychologist for veterans with PTSD. Thanks to the band who inspired me to take that step and change my life. And thank you to all service members, both past and present. 🇺🇸🎶

  • 4w ago cotabear79 cotabear79

    Bless our active duty, vets, and those that gave all. I’m proud to say my first born is a newly enlisted A1C. Thank you to every last brave man, woman and service animal who has put this great country first.

  • 4w ago lorraine.lyn.3 lorraine.lyn.3

    @muhammedsalaah you really aren't a fan. They have a fair amount of music videos supporting military and especially those impacted by PTSD. Zoltan is especially vocal about his support for military and police. They aren't saying war is good. No one thinks war is good. Military members don't think war is good. Civilians and children get caught in the crosshairs, especially when we are at war with groups that employ children in their military. Everyone in the military has fought to keep that away from home. Not saying I am agreeing with all of the tactics, but they have fought to protect your right to bash them. Think about that the next time you speak about them.

  • 4w ago mahan.jamshidi mahan.jamshidi

    Wrong side heaven is perfect💀💀💀💀

  • 4w ago fxallen fxallen

    To my brothers who are no longer here today, the ones that gave it all on that fateful day, we were only 19 that May, if it weren't for you I couldn't say, at 33 I thank and love you for your sacrifice everyday. I miss you guys. Love you more. I'll keep my end of the deal. Till Valhalla brothers.

  • 4w ago katniss0081 katniss0081

    Happy Veterans Day to my uncle and all of veterans, and thank you.

  • 4w ago _tysonengland_ _tysonengland_

    they gave their tomorrow's so we could have a today

  • 4w ago i_love_you_so_much_god i_love_you_so_much_god

    Republic Islamic!

  • 4w ago sheslucifer3 sheslucifer3


  • 4w ago sara_bagara sara_bagara

    My husband is a Veteran and he's at your show right now in Fresno! So much thanks for your support!! You guys rock! @dpicasso438

  • 4w ago gymjenn3 gymjenn3

    @mjolnir_0117 true hero as well 🇺🇸Thank you Waco ❤️

  • 4w ago nisar_f96 nisar_f96

    That image is from ffdp! Wrong side of heaven

  • 4w ago nisar_f96 nisar_f96

    @nisar_f96 im an idiot. It was 5fdp that posted it lol

  • 4w ago iwanskibrett iwanskibrett

    My grandpa fought in world war 2 and it’s a honor to him because he saved lives

  • 4w ago tattedmama811 tattedmama811


  • 4w ago thomas.haneborg thomas.haneborg

    My eyes water every time I hear the Song. My thoughs goes out to every Brother and all veterans

  • 4w ago cagrigundes1 cagrigundes1

    Buradaki tek Türk benim ananı sikim zolatan

  • 4w ago cynvisible cynvisible


  • 4w ago peterclinton101 peterclinton101

    @devin_soter amen to that brother

  • 4w ago tattedirishjoe tattedirishjoe

    As a vet I want to say thank you for all of your support.

  • 4w ago warren_iv warren_iv

    I thank every veteran that has fought to keep my family safe, i hope when i enlist i can fo half as good as you fine men and women

  • 4w ago starlenewilder starlenewilder

    Every day should be Veterans Day :) those men and women give far more than there time and the wounds are never always visable. Thank you to all that have served to keep the rest of us safe.

  • 4w ago jacob_nicholson1448 jacob_nicholson1448

    Thanks for u service thank u for fighting for us

  • 4w ago carloseme1864 carloseme1864

    One of the best song

  • 4w ago r.hxmilton r.hxmilton

    God bless!

  • 3w ago petrenko_08 petrenko_08

    Our lives would be very different if we didn't have these brave and honorable men and women fighting for freedom and justice.

  • 3w ago streeter0055 streeter0055

    It was a pleasure to serve this country. I dont need a thankyou. But I'll just say your welcome. Huah

  • 1w ago _instaraw_ _instaraw_

    @lorraine.lyn.3 that's the only thing they support. That's why theres so many people who have stopped liking them. That's how they got popularity. Making music for the military or cops

  • 1d ago staucha_seppi_122 staucha_seppi_122

    I enjoy what you are doing and i am your largest Fan 👍👍

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