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This is such an underrated Chris movie honestly.

Movie: puncture.

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  • 18w ago rubyameliamateos_ rubyameliamateos_

    Here is so amazing

  • 18w ago charlie_iannini charlie_iannini

    That’s the movie were he is lawyer who is also a drug acidic

  • 18w ago wiltedaisies wiltedaisies

    I love this movie too! It is really underrated sadly😩

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  • 18w ago azmimldn azmimldn

    Recommend me some of Chris’ movies cuz all i know is the marvel movie and whats your number!!! I know im a bad stan😭😭😭

  • 18w ago chrisehvans chrisehvans

    @azmimldn I absolutely can recommend some! I guess some of it depends on what you’re into, when it comes to movie genres? But I think some of his best acting, where you can totally tell he’s giving all he’s got, is snowpiercer and puncture. my own personal favorite is before we go. It’s just such a sweet, relaxing type of movie. And it means the world to me. Of course there are tons more to watch:)

  • 18w ago chrisehvans chrisehvans

    @wiltedaisies yeah it sadly is!

  • 18w ago azmimldn azmimldn

    @chrisehvans i want his best acting whether it’s action, drama, anything you know! Cuz if you ask me what i’m into wheh it comes to Chris, i like his shirtless or sexy scene lollll #badbitchrighthere 😭😂😂✌🏽 i think ima start with puncture and then before we go. Omg thank you for replying you’re so kind! You can DM me his best movies of your own opinion😉😉😉

  • 18w ago bhaktalina bhaktalina

    So handsome😍💖😍💖😍💖

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