Instagram post by @jeffreypringle Jeff Pringle

Darn, looks like these ingots are forging beautifully, guess I’m a have to make some things out of wootz 😛 #bladesmithing #smelting #wootz


  • 3d ago jabforge jabforge

    Impressive work, I think we could collab. Send me a DM when you get a chance.

  • 2d ago mrk.wstn mrk.wstn

    Oh shame 😏

  • 2d ago scanson6 scanson6

    It would be nice to see some performance blade tests done with your wootz. Wootz is some fascinating material.

  • 2d ago jeffreypringle jeffreypringle

    @scanson6 it’s kinda like 1095, but weird. Super interesting edge retention characteristics. Fascinating for sure

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