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  • 4w ago ventboxx_ ventboxx_

    My tip, don't date in middle school. They don't know how to not be hormonal pricks. Boys are young, dumb, and they just want to do what the "big kids" do. Secondly, I personally have some thunder thighs going on myself. I hate them, but there's one thing you and I can both do; exercise. I know, I hate that word. But it's the only way to get rid of the extra body fat. Exercise and try to eat healthier. But, I wear low drop pants (boys jeans). The crotch area is wider, for obvious reasons. And black is a good color to wear. But, really, exercise. It benefits you in every way possible.

  • 4w ago _josh_435 _josh_435

    Nothing is wrong with having big thighs but if you feel like losing weight the best option is to diet and properly diet which means just dont eat bread. Second if he left you for someone else you could not control that you could've done everything right but he would have still left because he let his hormones get the best of him and he was thinking of how good it be to do that rather than it be to have a good relationship

  • 4w ago benysharpe benysharpe

    @ventboxx_ thanks for generalizing our whole gender because of some kids you know, but I would recommend not dating until at least grade nine where most people have learned to live with most their hormone, I was an idiot then just like you described I didn't think I was mean or anything and I wasn't aware but I've been told year later I had a lot to improve on, I would say for your mental health I wouldn't focus on relationships but development of yourself early on so you are ahead in the game

  • 4w ago misty._.eyes misty._.eyes

    I'm sorry. This sucks. Take some time to heal and to move on. It won't happen immediately but over time you'll feel better. Remember this is not the end. We're sometimes in so much pain that it feels like it's not going to get better, but it does, it may take some time but it does. So keep hoping. And remember you lost someone who didn't love you. One day you'll find someone who does. So just be very very patient. If others are calling you names it's a reflection of their darkness, not yours. You do what you can and what you want to keep yourself happy and healthy. That's all that matters. People are assholes and will have a problem with everything about us. If you had perfect thighs they'll make fun of something else. That's just what they are. This is all temporary. In a few years you'll not see any of them. Just keep going, keep fighting❤️. You're gonna get through this. Sending you love and strength💪🏻❤️.

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    @misty._.eyes 💯

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    You are who you are ❤️❤️❤️ if that guy left you for someone else than that is his lost not yours. You will find love again. ❤️❤️❤️ And people will bully because they are insecure about themselves. They are just jealous at you

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