Instagram post by @terrymatalas Terry Matalas

I really admire this restaurant’s taste in decor. Also, it’s a Mediterranean kabob place.


  • 15w ago cschumacs cschumacs

    Product aside, errebody gotta respect that bread and butter hustle

  • 15w ago brentsimons brentsimons

    I must have it.

  • 15w ago thebadastronomer thebadastronomer

    It's the toast of the town.

  • 15w ago robyn_allison_ robyn_allison_

    So, they probably don't serve any kind of bread that looks anything like this?

  • 15w ago nukacolafuggo nukacolafuggo

    It better be in 3D!

  • 15w ago terrymatalas terrymatalas

    @cschumacs seriously

  • 15w ago d.sawa d.sawa

    So they put ethnic food pics up? Brilliant.

  • 15w ago ybr15 ybr15

    Butter and toast...of course it would me in a Mediterranean restaurant as a decor, I don’t see the disconnect 🤣

  • 12w ago charity1010 charity1010

    Mmm can’t go wrong with that

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