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Every parent should have a dash camera. Unless, of course, you're a parent and somehow don't need to drive anywhere. The Yi Ultra Dash Camera lives up to its name — great footage quality, small and compact, and comes with a peace of mind that parents rarely get to feel. Visit for the full review, or just click the link in the bio, and a special thanks to @yitechnology for sending us a review unit for our unfiltered thoughts.
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  • 2w ago nickspartaaa nickspartaaa

    I agree, have been using a dash cam for a bit, fortunately haven’t needed the footage for anything. Any plans on reviewing a rear-facing cam? The laws are ‘interesting’ in Fl and footage would be useful after a fender bender (or worse).

  • 2w ago gogodadget gogodadget

    @nickspartaaa also reviewing the Yi Mirror Dash Camera — it has a rear camera. I'll need to see if it can record from there (I'm pretty sure it can) because I'm actively working on installing it for at least the car backup functionality. I'm... Not great with cars, so this has been a fun project and a good pov for parents who also might not be.

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