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For the past two & a half days I self-imposed solitude in my London flat, researching; mainly watching videos of Black Womxn scholars talking about Intersectionality, Feminism & Equality. I have been thinking deeply about from whom do I learn the things I am learning?
Also been watching videos explaining the concepts of Ontology, Epistemology & Methodology as I try to frame the Anitafrika Method & what ‘knowledge' it contributes.

This then led to History videos, namely American History. The narrator repeatedly refers to Indigenous Peoples as American Indians & to enslaved African Peoples as slaves.
I feel a deep sense of grief. I feel a need to mourn after watching these videos. To mourn my Ancestors & to mourn the Ancestors of the Peoples who have & continue to suffer at the hands of Colonial Genocide (or repeated attempts at it). The historical violence, the historical lies, the historical bias & bigotry, the wars, the killings, all in the name of what? Power. Capital. Wealth. Greed. I am thinking about the ways in which we all continue to be socialized into believing that acquiring wealth is the same as experiencing the fullness of our humanity. And that in the absence of acquiring wealth, we are nothing, we are powerless. Really?! I am asking myself ‘at what costs am I willing to pursue the acquisition of wealth.

I am asking myself, as I design this Anti-colonial Performance Studies Module, is it crucial that practitioners understand the role of TransAtlantic Slave Trade in the current wealth of Europe & North America, in order to study Performance? Is it crucial that practitioners understand the History of misogyny in order to study Performance. Does the practitioner need some sort of general knowledge of what indeed has happened in the world, in order to study performance?

What is my responsibility as a practitioner to have some sort of relationship to the Herstory of the planet? And as an Educator who is designing Curricula, what responsibilities do I have to ‘Truth-telling’ when it is outside of my area of study?
Does getting an education in Performance Studies also ask for an education in human herstory & dynamics of power?



  • 1w ago friendofvin friendofvin

    such good and difficult questions. I experience you as a''truth-teller" and have learned more about our collective, devastating and complex herstory than you could know. And therefore been inspired to further interrogate power & mythologies of White Western patriarchal ideologies. The information is out there, in here, and all around and I am beginning to feel hope that we can co-build something new....IF we can facilitate the centering of the wisdom of marginalized, pathologized and racialized folks. I'm trying my face off over here. #somanyquestions

  • 1w ago friendofvin friendofvin

    @friendofvin *I have learned more from your truth-telling

  • 1w ago kiraasha kiraasha

    “the ways in which we all continue to be socialized into believing that acquiring wealth is the same as experiencing the fullness of our humanity”
    WHOA. 🙌
    I’m finding that positioning myself and educating myself about human herstory and dynamics of power is essential to creating and studying in a (more) ethical way.
    Anyways, these questions you’re posing are really resonating and thank you for sharing.

  • 1w ago alyshabrilla alyshabrilla

    Amazing questions. I read this all and heard your voice speaking the words while I was reading it. Thank you for all you do in the world and for your reflections tonight. ✨🙏🏽💛

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