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The #CheatMealCookieTrain 🍪🚂 rolls on with my DJ signature milk chocolate chip, salted caramel chip jumbo cookies with a shit load of peanut butter and guilt in the middle.
Enjoyin’ my cookie gluttony watching a @netflix special I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you like love your comedy raw, like I do - “Bumping Mics” with two of my fav comedians @therealjeffreyross & @daveattell.
I did a show with Jeffery a few years ago for our military at Pearl Harbor, called #RockTheTroops. This sumbitch called me Harambe and 50,000 troops roared with laughter and I thought I re-tore my surgically repaired hernias cause I was laughing so fucking hard.
Jeffery and Dave have GREAT CHEMISTRY together... reminds me of me and my incestuous biscuit shit of a son @kevinhart4real.
#BumpingMics 🎤


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