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Another W, 2 TD’s for big man Dev. #TeamW


  • 8w ago jose.barajas.5477272 jose.barajas.5477272

    👏 win win win win win run run run

  • 8w ago jose.barajas.5477272 jose.barajas.5477272

    Let's go patriots yes patriots watching the game ok win win patriots win win

  • 8w ago meshellsee meshellsee

    Headed to atlanta with fam. Hoping to get last minute tickets to see you guys! 🤞🏽 fingers crossed we get them!

  • 8w ago bus10arown bus10arown

    @gronk we have the same birthday so I know we are both getting lit on the same day atleast twice year. Once for our birthday and once when the Patriots are in the super bowl. I’ll be outside the stadium when you get the dub

  • 8w ago _quaron _quaron

    Yo @gronk want some artwork? Let me hook you up, won’t be disappointed 🔥🔥 check me out !!

  • 8w ago bmarie2542 bmarie2542

    On September 18th 218 At just 22 weeks pregnant my water broke! I was admitted to the hospital! Our son was born at only 31 weeks on November 18th 2018! I spent two months in the hospital on bed rest away from my husband and our 11 year old! It was very hard on all of us! I saw them once maybe twice a week! And My husband barely got to see our 11 year old due to working 16hr days mon-Friday to cover bills! While Our son was in the NICU, I was blessed to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house because the commute to the hospital is over and hour long! Thank God he was only in the NICU for 21 days! On December 9th 2018 we got to bring him home!
    On December 22 the federal government was shutdown! My husband has been working for the BOP (bureau of prisons) for almost 10 years and this shutdown couldn’t have come at a worse time! He still has to report to work, He is still working 16 hr days, risking his life, the only Difference now is he is not receiving a paycheck! My husband has been working his but off for our family! 80hrs a week just to make sure our bills are paid and our kids can eat. I am currently not medically cleared to got back to work! While I was in the hospital we used about 95% of our savings! And we don’t have much left!
    He is a die hard Boston everything fan’ he was born and raised there! He wanted more than anything f to take our 11 year old son to the Super Bowl this year but due to the government shutdown that isn’t going to happen! Please help send him to the super bowl! There is no one more deserving!

  • 8w ago yo_boy_dj88 yo_boy_dj88

    Ur trash to ur dodo u suck nuts trash bag

  • 8w ago amarhamadee amarhamadee


  • 8w ago

    This would be a good picture for a team Patriots Football Card! Does anyone collect those nowadays?

  • 8w ago chats.flame chats.flame

    lets go

  • 8w ago chats.flame chats.flame

    dont retire bud

  • 8w ago chats.flame chats.flame

    tom brady needs u man

  • 7w ago jose.barajas.5477272 jose.barajas.5477272

    Let's go querreros

  • 7w ago jose.barajas.5477272 jose.barajas.5477272

    Let's go win win

  • 7w ago jose.barajas.5477272 jose.barajas.5477272


  • 7w ago neight.33 neight.33

    Get ready to lose 2 yrs in a row Pats.👍 Rams team is far superior this yr. Probably wont even be a good game.

  • 7w ago xl40ounce xl40ounce

    Truly amazing the caliber you guys play at, keep up the good work guys.

  • 7w ago carolynmichael1 carolynmichael1

    Love my Patriots

  • 7w ago isaac2198528 isaac2198528

    Don’t retire

  • 7w ago robertbrinkerhoff robertbrinkerhoff

    I hope the rams ram it down your throat you new England cheetah.

  • 7w ago flnufit flnufit


  • 7w ago dship24 dship24

    Is this Madden?

  • 7w ago fowad1 fowad1

    The only team that supports another country while playing in America, The patriots are nothing but Zionist supporters, I wish you fucking lose the Super Bowl

  • 7w ago morgansmom8484 morgansmom8484

    @fowad1 keep wishing

  • 6w ago hannahmason0_0 hannahmason0_0

    Please stay

  • 6w ago rhbkmk83 rhbkmk83


  • 6w ago jaydagoat.official jaydagoat.official

    @gronk please don't leave the pats you're a big key player to the team you help so much. You're good at blocking,running, and catching please just a couple more seasons with us we can't lose another good player

  • 6w ago kingsymix_bottle kingsymix_bottle

    King symix battle bottle

  • 6w ago iamcashflow iamcashflow

    paaattttrrrriiiioooottttttttt nation

  • 1w ago ihairtrey1 ihairtrey1

    🌹 🌹🌹 🌹 🌹🌹 🌹 🌹

  • 4d ago mjotoole13 mjotoole13

    @neight.33 this comment aged well

  • 4d ago neight.33 neight.33

    @mjotoole13 I wasn't a good game!

  • 4d ago mjotoole13 mjotoole13

    @neight.33 how bout those rams tho

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