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Some minor last minute #details to add... Do you think it needs the book they are looking at? I cannot decide. #wip #drawingwiththread #applique #textileart #wip #theshapeofmychildren


  • 6w ago hellostaceylee hellostaceylee

    No, I like that it is open ended and the focus is on the interaction between the two little. If you were to add, maybe a hint, very minimal tho.

  • 6w ago lizalbertstudio lizalbertstudio

    My first thought is yes

  • 6w ago lizalbertstudio lizalbertstudio

    Just a hint I agree

  • 6w ago craftworksomerville craftworksomerville

    It’s beautiful and 📚 are always Awesome

  • 6w ago _____chel_____ _____chel_____

    Exactly that. ❤️

  • 6w ago carlenefullerton carlenefullerton

    Yes...just a suggestion of a book. Have you appliquéd the clothes?

  • 6w ago archetypographia archetypographia


  • 6w ago archetypographia archetypographia

    Like the actual book

  • 6w ago julischuster517 julischuster517

    Maybe just a suggestion of a book?

  • 6w ago mymychaelyn mymychaelyn


  • 6w ago mymychaelyn mymychaelyn

    Also I like it open ended. You don’t need a book

  • 6w ago twistshoutblog twistshoutblog

    I think the piece would feel more finished with a book.

  • 6w ago 4stringsattached 4stringsattached

    Just a touch of the book...a small corner... or??

  • 6w ago greenskysusan greenskysusan

    This is beautiful! I think it’s fine without the book - the piece is like reading a book and filling some things in with your imagination. But IF you decide to include a book, I agree with the others who suggest something minimal. Like maybe just the trace of a book in thread - no additional color or detail. Either way, this is stunning.

  • 6w ago katharinaquecke katharinaquecke

    Wow, amazing. I love it and I don't need the book to see these two little humans interacting with each other. Maybe it is that you are missing a balance object on the left side of this piece? Could be just a line, a geometric shape....

  • 6w ago colleenattara colleenattara

    Yes. I think it is amazing now and will only add to that magic.

  • 6w ago schrameklisa schrameklisa

    It needs something on the left/center. As it is now the leading lines are guiding the viewer to the empty space.

  • 6w ago momlists momlists


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