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The Unanswered Mystery of 7,000-year-old #Ubaid Lizardmen. It is a commonly accepted view in mainstream archaeology that civilization started in Iraq, in ancient Mesopotamia with the great civilization of Sumeria . However, there is an archaeological discovery at the Al Ubaid archaeological site, where many pre-Sumerian 7,000-year-old artefacts were found, depicting humanoid figures with lizard characteristics.The Ubaidian culture is a prehistoric culture in Mesopotamia that dates between 4000 and 5500 BC. As with the Sumerians, the origins of the Ubaidian people is unknown. They lived in large village settlements in mud-brick houses and they had developed architecture, agriculture and farmed the land using irrigation. The domestic architecture included large T-shaped houses, open courtyards, paved streets, as well as food processing equipment. Some of these villages began to develop into towns, temples began to appear, as well as monumental buildings such as in Eridu, Ur and Uruk, the major sites of the Sumerian Civilization.  According to the Sumerian texts, Ur was believed to be the first city. The main site where the unusual artefacts were discovered is called Tell Al’Ubaid – although figurines were also found in Ur and Eridu. The Al’Ubaid site is a small mound of about half a kilometre in diametre and two meters above ground. The site was first excavated by Harry Reginald Hal in 1919 . Male and female figurines were found in different postures and in most of the figurines, they appear to be wearing a helmet and have some kind of padding on the shoulders. Other figurines were found to hold a staff or sceptre, possibly as a symbol of justice and ruling. Each figurine has a different pose but the strangest of all is that some female figurines hold babies suckling milk, with the child also represented as a lizard-type creature. #Reptilians


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    You know damn well that those are nothing but fallen angels. Youre

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    They live underground.

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    Let's call them Archons after all thts wot they were recorded as on ancient tablets

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    If dinosaurs existed, reptilians aren't that far fetched.

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    Ancient humans have been around a lot lot longer than they tell us just look at some facts my favourite place is brigh insight on yourube

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    The reptilian conspiracy inspired my book 🦖🤠👍

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    Ur is city of தமிழ் (Ur) in tamil means village as u said in fact they were ruling they were Kings and Queens just humans but I'm not abt sure abt the alien 👾 part. (mostly now days media just make people go in panic it may be better if you research independently l

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    Don't be Surprised when I tell you World power is been controlled by humanoid reptilian till date...

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    Just like In Peru!

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    Amy new stories , credo spoke on this in details in the 60's and im yet to get some info on this thats new , sumarian are who ? Ive yet to see the extent to that claim , Mesopotamia is north africa we have cities in southen africa dating 200, 000 , no group can be civiled in 7,000 years , sumer is ethiopen sumerket , it takes hundreds of thousands of years to develop sciences like astrology, astonomy even writing takes a long time archology lay claims to things , its obvious they control the pseudo sciences of today , carbondating only tells how old the carbon is not the actual age of any antiquity!

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    @orlandosiordia_ 🤔

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    @4biddenknowledge some seen them with their own eyes....

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    @_po.et_ can't rule it out now a days

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    Never know. Could be some form of God worship instead of reptilian race

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    @fasho_thakid melanin is carbon nit copper lo

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    @tonisenswave im not saying your wrong but, copper absorb high thermal energy and electricity can carbon do that? If it was we have oyxgen in us so you basically saying our skin is carbon dioxide basically? If you care to share your point of view

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    @fasho_thakid .... thats not how it works bro. Melanin chemical make up is of a carbon's, 6 protons, 6 neutrons 6 electrons. Carbon is also conductive and is to stop the UV radiation from harming us. Some believe that we are powered by the sun but due to our european duet our body still remains 'dirty'. Our cells are replenished with oxygen which is carried by haemoglobin in our blood. If there was something else than oxygen we'd die.

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    @tonisenswave hmph you maybe right 🤔, you heard of chemtrails? What you said the design to attack those atoms

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    @fasho_thakid they're

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    @fasho_thakid i did a little research on carbon, if black people would eat better, exercise better, and supervise maintenance of their chakras we got the potential to become diamond like people, carbon purest form is diamond

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    @fasho_thakid i can believe you know, because we the stolen jewels so it makes perfect sense we got naturally wealth, thank you for unlocking that

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    the reptilians/ The seed of the snake.

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    #horyugitemple #narajapan reptile statue I wonder if Mesopotamia has similar culture as Japan. And I just thought of something Japan is known as the Empire of the Rising Sun, the only other culture emphasized the sun god Egypt Ra maybe a coincidence

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    @elainejglez carbon dating

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    @asyid89 relax u excited twat we not trying to convince ya about sum that needs to be on the low .

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    My cousins

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    @conspirinsta get balanced knowledge on a variety on conspiratainment topics

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