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Mirza Kuchak Khan was a Gilak revolutionary in the early 20th century.
He was also known for leading the Jungle movement of Gilan during ww1.
He and his jungle troops fought against Russian imperial troops and cossacks during the first world war.
After the russian revolution in 1917 Russian imperial troops left the region and later on the the Volga_caspian navy division by the order of Leon trotsky came to Gilan to cooperate with the Jungle movement to establish a soviet republic in Gilan.
At first both groups came to an agreement but after Mirza Kuchak Khan realized that if a communist government would come to power all landlords will lose their property therefore he wrote a letter to Lenin.
In his letter he said that the people of Iran are not ready to accept the rules of communism.
Lenin didn't respond and some of the jungle troops left Mirza to form a communist state.
At this point Mirza was left with a few loyal men ,most his troops were either dead or against him ,from one side the Iranian monarchy and cossacks and from the other side the Soviets were looking forward to destroy his movement.
Mirza and his faithful German friend Gaouk died on December 2nd 1921 ,they froze to death during a blizzard while escaping from the Persian cossack brigade.
The 1st photo shows Mirza Kuchak Khan the 2nd one shows Gaouk and the 3rd one is Mirza's beheaded body after being found in the blizzard.
Written all by myself

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