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Great rainy Saturday morning in London, my darling Tkaronto & the global village. What’s happening in your part of the planet. Today I am thinking about Passion. Passionate. Passionately relating to life. Passionately relating to people. Passionately relating to myself. Passion & the run-away-trainness of it. Passion & the way it consumes. Passion and the present-tenseness of it. The newness of it. The aliveness of it. The after-waves, the energy, the shock. How do you relate to Passion?
When I think of Passion & my own Blackness, my own womanhood, it is so intrinsically linked to my process of self-recovery and self-actualization. My Passion is a conduit of my Freedom. Freedom to express. Freedom to feel deep joy. Freedom to participate or not. Freedom to create. Freedom to censor myself, which I do sometimes, when confronted with my innerwhelming Passion. Freedom to ask for what I need & desire. Freedom to desire. Freedom to revolt.

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