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Saying goodbye to the young Mr Chas as he continues his journey in life and career today. MCT ALWAYS supports our family as they move through life to be who they are. It’s a bittersweet goodbye to Chas, as we have experienced so much growth. We will always love this kid! #MctFamily


  • 1w ago ragdoll77 ragdoll77


  • 1w ago rubywilde19 rubywilde19

    We love you💕💕💕💕💕

  • 1w ago dieshady dieshady

    You will be missed Chaz, now you can come to Massachusetts and tattoo rach and I :) good luck on your journey

  • 1w ago pookyray pookyray

    Good luck on your new journey.

  • 1w ago raychee23 raychee23

    @dieshady I only get tattooed by Brian now lol - best of luck Chas!

  • 1w ago clescob clescob

    Good luck in your new journey!

  • 1w ago theestherofkims theestherofkims

    🙋good luck bro!!!

  • 1w ago sydneybarrrettt sydneybarrrettt

    Thanks for giving me my first tatt!!!! Best of luck!!!!🤙🏻

  • 1w ago dwnwrd dwnwrd

    Awww good luck Chas!

  • 1w ago thedudedan thedudedan


  • 1w ago saruahelizabeth saruahelizabeth

    Love Chas! Going to miss him he was my go to tattoo artist

  • 1w ago mikey_vigilante mikey_vigilante

    Happy trails

  • 1w ago mamasai mamasai

    Chas was just starting being an apprentice when I got my tattoo cool to watch him grow with you guys...good luck man

  • 1w ago 1adventure_girl 1adventure_girl

    Best of luck Chas!!!

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