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And now I’m on a ship...Modes of transportation taken today: Bus...Train...Plane...Car...and now Ship...oh and of course the Foot-Mobile is always in the end of this Ferry-ride to Victoria, I get back into a car before I finally arrive... Travelling from London to Victoria BC. It’s been a lovely journey especially gaining so many hours but I am truly ready to sleep all day tomorrow, which I can because I don’t start lecturing till Monday... Hello my sweet near yet so far...not to worry...ina few weeks I’ll be there giving a talk/performance at U of T on Black Techno Science with one of my favorite playwright-performer @najlanubyanluv ❤️ For now it’s finding the vibes on this boat.

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  • 10w ago akeemdream akeemdream

    When is that talk?! 😮 I gotta be there for it!!! 😍🙌🏾❤️

  • 10w ago nelago_shilongoh nelago_shilongoh


  • 10w ago dbiyounganitafrika dbiyounganitafrika

    @akeemdream in Victoria or Vancouver?

  • 10w ago akeemdream akeemdream

    @dbiyounganitafrika you said that in a few weeks after touching Victoria BC you’ll be touching Toronto doing a presentation at U of T right?! That’s the one I’m talking about... I got too excited that I forgot to be clear 😅😂

  • 10w ago dbiyounganitafrika dbiyounganitafrika

    @akeemdream lol...I was wondering but wait you in BC 7th at 4pm I believe. Gonna put the poster up in insta.

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