Instagram post by @drsyntaxraps Dr Syntax

Bristol get yourself down to the Attic bar! We're on at 12am (RP @petecannon )


  • 1w ago andrewevans95 andrewevans95

    Pleaseeeeeeeee play cats and dog!! I'm out front waiting 😁🤙

  • 1w ago d.ttam d.ttam

    Fuck it's a 3 hour drive

  • 1w ago emma_dux emma_dux

    omg dj fingerfood sounds like an absolute treat

  • 1w ago elizaburt_ elizaburt_

    Last night was beyondddddd a treat. Much love! Big up syntax. #don

  • 1w ago drsyntaxraps drsyntaxraps

    @emma_dux he's my good pal down here in Brizzle! (Well, up here to you i suppose!) Hope you're well Dux xxx

  • 1w ago drsyntaxraps drsyntaxraps

    @elizaburt_ cheers! Glad to hear it!

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