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Brooklyn Halloween 2009 // We were on a tour that started in Florida and ended up in New York // It was a wild ass tour, we basically lived in the van or slept on people’s floors (no hotels this tour) // Big thanks to our Florida boys in the band Teen Heat for buying a tour van literally the day we got to Florida (where it’s super fucking flat cause they don’t have any mountains-insert confused looking ass MEME here) & for being super awesome road dogs on their first real tour// Also big thanks to Alex Sevaadra for hooking up the NYC shows and showing our bands a wonder amazing crazy fuckkng wild ass buck time // Anyways...Halloween was fun that, Theodore Grimm was sooooo sick on that tour too // #Nikon #BoofEdits #Permed #HappyHalloween #IsThisAHoliday ?


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