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IronMan Medal Monday
It is officially the end of my triathlon season! At this very moment, I am not registered for another. However, that will change very soon. Like with most other races, I like to do them again and see how much I’ve improved. This is my third year of triathlons and training with my coach. I set a goal several years ago to complete a triathlon and the journey has been a great experience with all the people I have met, not only in training but on the course. It is such a great sport! I have to say it, anything is possible and you will never know until you Tri!
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  • 6w ago ledmonton ledmonton

    Very nice gallery, 🙌🙌

  • 6w ago deijaview_bnw deijaview_bnw

    Oh! I love this! How are you?

  • 6w ago rrl125 rrl125

    Thank you @ledmonton 👊

  • 6w ago rrl125 rrl125

    Thanks @deijaview_bnw I am doing well. Still flying high from completing the event. Legs are sore, mostly quads but with a little recovery over the next couple of days, I will be fine. Such an awesome experience. Just had to #embracethesuck at points. 😉

  • 6w ago tim_mccurry5 tim_mccurry5

    Congratulations on the accomplishing the goal! The journey is never over.

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