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Did someone say Saturday? 🍷(link in profile to shop and sip)


  • 29w ago kamillamagilla kamillamagilla

    @alexrodriguezyoga Sure, and the native americans technically stole it from the dinosaurs who were on the land millions of years before them. You just sound crazy at this point. 👀👀👀

  • 29w ago kamillamagilla kamillamagilla

    @alexrodriguezyoga Freaking out about the sale of SAGE on instagram is pointless. Take some ativan and get over yourself, or push for legislative change.

  • 29w ago alexrodriguezyoga alexrodriguezyoga

    @kamillamagilla what?! Dinosaurs had been dead for millions of years, you think I sound crazy? White man literally came on to this land and killed Indians, and pushed them off on to other territories. Google President Andrew Jackson and the trail of tears. So for a white company to then take something sacred to native culture, and sell it for profit is wrong. Cultural appropriation is wrong and disrespectful, Especially since native Americans are still being persecuted today! Google Dakota access pipeline for example. @anthropologie

  • 29w ago alexrodriguezyoga alexrodriguezyoga

    @kamillamagilla you have 24 followers and a ton of post. 🙄 You’re the one who felt triggered enough to come and comment on my post. You know, it’s possible to see things you don’t like on the Internet and keep scrolling.

  • 29w ago kamillamagilla kamillamagilla

    You're talking about the land I'm standing on and who technically owns it or it belongs to. The native americans (paleoindians to be exact) precede all of us, and before them, the dinosaurs technically dominated the land 66 million years ago. The land you're standing on, belongs to the creatures who inhabited the land long before humans. Period. You're bitching about sage? Really? The real injustice is what humans have done to animals and the land. And yes, you sounded cray-cray 👀👀👀 Anthro is not going to stop selling accessible herbs and plants.

  • 29w ago anthropologie anthropologie

    @alexrodriguezyoga action is being taken and the offending item being removed today. Thank you for reaching out to us. - Anthropologie

  • 29w ago anthropologie anthropologie

    @alexrodriguezyoga we did not report the comment

  • 29w ago yaelgenkin yaelgenkin


  • 29w ago gnomie_lee gnomie_lee

    At first I thought the fig was a shrimp and I was like Heck Nah 😂😂

  • 29w ago misses.zz misses.zz

    @alexrodriguezyoga lol says the lady crying about someone selling sage

  • 28w ago mel2ny mel2ny

    @alexrodriguezyoga I don’t know what the f you talking about but sage grows all over the world and any human has a right to any herb.. the end.

  • 28w ago clauhenry clauhenry

    @biahenry @luhenry7 olha que idéia legal pra servir ponche ou sangria,figos!!!

  • 28w ago sienaflooring sienaflooring

    So refreshing ❤️

  • 28w ago corrinekeil corrinekeil


  • 28w ago kitallani kitallani

    @alexrodriguezyoga shame on you. You’re the one who is shitty

  • 28w ago alexrodriguezyoga alexrodriguezyoga

    @mel2ny Is that why they’re taking the product down? 😘

  • 28w ago mel2ny mel2ny

    @alexrodriguezyoga I really don’t care if they took it down but Herbs do not belong to one culture or certain part of the world..additionally sage is used all over the world for various of reasons weather in rituals or cooking.. so I am not happy with the fact that you said it belongs to one culture.. it is offensive..

  • 28w ago alexrodriguezyoga alexrodriguezyoga

    @mel2ny 😘

  • 28w ago patterninthecity patterninthecity

    @anthropologie how do I make these?

  • 28w ago godwepray godwepray


  • 28w ago cmglomie cmglomie

    @anthropologie cave

  • 28w ago _annastrickland _annastrickland

    @alexrodriguezyoga how about a little history lesson yeah? Sage is a plant actually native to the Mediterranean. It’s been used in many cultures worldwide for CENTURIES, and yes it’s been used in European regions long before those regions came to North America. The Egyptians used it for fertility purposes, the French used it in tea, the Germans were believed to have used it for medicinal reasons, the ancient romans used it for meat preserving etc. Native Americans are just one of the many cultures that have used sage and incorporated it into their daily lives. To try to cause a fuss and say that it’s OFFENSIVE for a company to sell a plant is ridiculous. Native Americans do not own this plant, and it was not placed on this earth for anyone to lay claim to it. This company has every right to sell it, and advertise its properties. There are bigger issues that you can take the time to speak about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 28w ago alexrodriguezyoga alexrodriguezyoga

    @anna.strick1and #triggered #whitefragility

  • 28w ago _annastrickland _annastrickland

    @alexrodriguezyoga my opinion has nothing to do with my skin colour. But if you really don’t have any real evidence to back up your point that’s fine! Might as well just resort to childish insults right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 28w ago alexrodriguezyoga alexrodriguezyoga

    @anna.strick1and 😘

  • 28w ago anthropologie anthropologie

    @akpadron hello, we are so sorry for this mixup! Please keep an eye on your DMs, we’d like to help.

  • 28w ago pattyvecch pattyvecch

    Would love to know what the drink recipe is!

  • 28w ago petazetazz petazetazz

    @chrisdelia ughhhhhhhhh this

  • 28w ago tiu_maryw tiu_maryw

    These are beautiful 💕

  • 28w ago electric.worldwide electric.worldwide


  • 28w ago cassandradanger cassandradanger

    Waaaaaait, is this $45 for one glass??

  • 28w ago famous_amis famous_amis

    @abbeydennis28 the fig

  • 28w ago abbeydennis28 abbeydennis28

    @famous_amis hate it

  • 28w ago vlpeter1 vlpeter1

    These are so beautiful! I have the lustred wine and champagne glasses, and I’m almost (key word—almost) remorseful I bought those ones (the lustred ones are super high quality, and look lovely with the old Havana plates—also from Anthro). Moral of the story, I need more space in my kitchen, and need to start making more cocktails 🙃💕

  • 28w ago rogosaysso rogosaysso

    #anthrostealyourdesigns @anthropologie

  • 28w ago theconfidencecouncil theconfidencecouncil

    These look divine!

  • 28w ago akpadron akpadron

    @anthropologie never received a dm....much like I’m still waiting for my merchandise credit....three weeks later...for a two month backordered item that came shattered....oh but I did get hung up on by @anthropologie customer service so that’s great😒😒😒😒🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • 28w ago rebeccajournobath rebeccajournobath

    @akpadron you’ll find some similar glasses @sohohome

  • 28w ago badrattus badrattus

    You damn thieves

  • 28w ago pavelmanov pavelmanov

    @anthropologie just thieves ideas from real artists and designers. Support local artist an buy them directely.

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