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There’s a new squad in town...ARE YOU READYYY??!! Join @cobijones13 @harrivision @twalsh.88 and other surprise guests and I as we talk all things ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ on @totallyamerican ...Make sure to subscribe NOW (available on all podcast platforms)...because the fun starts TOMORROW wahoooo🙌🏼🙌🏼 Send me any questions you have for the crew and I below⬇️ ⬇️and we’ll answer them on the show💙💙 Don’t be shy...ask us anything!!! And the FIRST 50 SUBSCRIBERS will have a chance to win autographed ⚽️⚽️ balls from Cobi and I🙌🏼 #soccer #futbol #football #mls #nwsl #uefa #worldcup #concacaf #goldcup #podcast #totallyfootballshow #playoffs #squadgoals #premierleague Shot by: @i_amkhris 📸🎥


  • 2w ago beachsoccerjaime beachsoccerjaime

    Congrats Sess! Love my brudda Cobi. Will check it out my friend. 💯🙏❤️⚽️

  • 2w ago tony_hdz97 tony_hdz97

    What do you guys think about Tim ream's recent comments about the lack of fight in the Fulham squad? Just the truth or keep it in the locker room mate. Also, what MLS team will he go to when Fulham are relegated?

  • 2w ago djsmook djsmook

    Way to go Sess!!

  • 2w ago logeaispierre logeaispierre

    You are beautiful @lsesselmann i love you

  • 2w ago nancyfancy___ nancyfancy___

    Boss babe😍

  • 2w ago tumewater tumewater

    Yesss! Congrats!!! 🙌

  • 2w ago lana_grand_hair lana_grand_hair

    Too funny Cobi’s wife is my client💗

  • 2w ago cuerpaso cuerpaso

    📻 Great Work!

  • 2w ago cuerpaso cuerpaso

    📻 Great Work!

  • 2w ago leboev leboev

    I have one or some questions: -About your nutrition & hydration strategy in extreme heat respectively with other temperature fluctuations. For example, on your travels earlier with the national team & even now with the clubs, if you flew to other areas like in Europe (where it was cold at the Moment), or playing in the heat of Ca. How did you adjust to this? And do you get along well with those weather acclimatization? ; -And then the changeover from different football pitches. Like artificial turf or natural grass. Bc, for example, your WC2015, which was really great to watch, here was a big discussion about the artificial turf & Hope solo said this wouldn't have happened with the men's WC.? ; -And then to you all: How do you like the idea that some matches of European leagues should take place in the US? E.g. La Liga, although it faces the most severe criticism here, both from club presidents and fans. Bc I think ofc it's not good for the local fans, but there are also many fans in the US. Or do you find this commercialization (e.g., the idea of Adidas CEO to hold the German Cup Final in China) is too much for this sport & maybe the feeling of the home stadium will lost & it's enough if they do only their test matches there, like the BVB09 recently in the US?
    Hmm, maybe one or the other question more will come to mind. I hope that's alright to ask so many questions? Of course, I know they, don't all need to be answered…

    In any case, Congrats to you all🙌🏼🙌🏼, Many Thanks in advance & a great, interesting and successful show👊🏼!!! Again & again & always All the Best🍀💪🏼💜🙏🏼

  • 2w ago leboev leboev

    Ok😊 one more question to you all: What is for you the most fascinating thing about this ⚽Sport? For example or in comparison with other Sports. Thanks again🙏🏼

  • 2w ago vero_nica777 vero_nica777

    👍 👍

  • 2w ago choppaholic5 choppaholic5

    Dope. Congrats.

  • 2w ago oppenheimerbee oppenheimerbee

    👍 👍

  • 1w ago bellalndn bellalndn


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